OKGo: Happy Artists <3

=>true confession: sometimes, i ♥ OKGO so much that it actually hurts. What do you mean, WHY? Cuz i can have nothing but pure adulation for, & massive appreciation of their being unabashedly happy artists, thus making it OK for me to be an artist without having to try and suffer and/or self-destruct as part […]

You Need This: King Washington

This weeks LA artist making music your life is not complete without & now that you know you can save yourself, thank the lawd,  (hold pls while i catch my breath) is Molly Malones regular, KING WASHINGTON. No, they dont totally understand how Democracy works in America, judging by their icon and name, but who […]

Werewolves We Wanna Kiss

Music + Moxie delivers the two-part not-quite-official MTV’s Teen Wolf Season One Playlist: “Werewolves We Wanna Kiss” from your girl in Music. You are welcome, fellow teen-wolf groupies, we’ll get through this TW famine together, god-willing. PART I: Songs chosen by Show Runner Jeff Davis, aka Another Awesome Jeff (#AAJ*) his fave per episode, in […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Alex Marshall of the Cab

Las Vegas band The Cab inked its first recording contract while the bands founding members were still in high school and released their first full-length album, Whisper War, in 2008, garnering much love and enviable praise from that fickle beast known as the music press. With next week’s release of their long-awaited and much-anticipated follow up […]

Anything Else

Anything Else is really Annie Hall just recycled for the modern era. I’ll admit that Annie Hall isn’t nearly as compelling in the early aughts as it was in the 70s. Zeitgeists: how do they work? Jerry Falk: …I was actually listening to this last night, and I thought of you. Amanda: You were listening […]

Teen Wolf Love Theme

This week, Teen Wolfs executive producer and writer Jeff Davis sings the praises of what is usually a criminally-unsung position in entertainment: the productions own composer. (Really though, any soundtrack oriented position in entertainment tends to be under-appreciated, under-rated and under the house. No wait, that last under is an old PIL song; but you […]

Review: Decemberists Fake It Twice at LA’s Greek Theater

2011 has been a banner year for the Decemberists. Having enjoyed a respectable and sustained success in relative obscurity, their unexpected Billboard #1 hit with January’s The King Is Dead turned the bookish indie-folk-pop quintet into bona-fide mainstream rockstars, which somehow escaped the notice of your normally alert girl in music until later in the […]

Formality /Just a Little Bit

Did you notice how generous the show was in music this week? I think its because they want us to forgive them when they kill one of the gang and make another character non-human but don’t tell us till next season who died and who is nonhuman.. just a theory, purely speculative but it seems […]

Best Side Story

Well, my fellow Teen Wolf Fans, until next season we will have this one small comfort: the extended (10 minutes long!) version of the Drew Barrymore directed supervideo for Best Coast‘s “Our Deal” starring Tyler Posey, Chloe Moretz with a cameo by Miranda Cosgrove in an homage to West Side Story that so ingeniously illustrates […]


Have I ever mentioned how wonderful Australia is? Australia is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people doing beautiful things…beautifully. If you were to ask me “Ses, what’s the one country in the world with which you could find no fault?” I would quickly answer, without a moment’s hesitation, “Australia.” The music, the people, the […]

Co-Captain/Who Are You Really?

Co-Captain did a bang-up job of building on last weeks Wolfs Bane, in my never-to-be-humble opinion, as the series visual calling-card, a pronounced neo-noir cinematic motif, was once again seamlessly executed for maximum suspense and shrillest squeaks from yours truly. Oh yes, really. The always impressive soundtrack** is yet another example of why, if I were […]