7/19/16 – A playlist to aid you amid total mission failure and/or scrubbing your hands clean. Look, I don’t even like all the songs on this list, but that doesn’t exactly matter, my like or dislike of a song has nada to do with the song being apropos for your got-caught aftermath. So check it […]

ello, ello

i wonder what they say about me when i’m not here … “small, blonde {and} intellectual … and way into music”  Wow, you guys weren’t joking about the playlist love – I honestly had no idea anyone was even checking the page anymore, until I logged into the m+m inbox where your emails go and […]

365 Nights In Hollywood

When I first headed West to find my fortune I arrived in LA the most LA way possible, in my car. I took the 10 from Palm Springs and exited somewhere in Westwood. I’ve lived in the Valley, Santa Monica, West LA, and Los Feliz for 3 years (Jon Hamm and Beck were neighbors) but […]

YouTube Playlist Collection

Covered Up: you’ll recognize the covers of these songs before the original versions. Over half were covered by Nirvana, because 1) I’m lazy; & 2) Nirvana had really good taste in music.   Bones: Dance Dance Dance   sometimes we need no sleep: Defy slumber nightly.   the moon: A moonbathing mix for the nocturnally […]

Werewolves We Wanna Kiss

Music + Moxie delivers the two-part not-quite-official MTV’s Teen Wolf Season One Playlist: “Werewolves We Wanna Kiss” from your girl in Music. You are welcome, fellow teen-wolf groupies, we’ll get through this TW famine together, god-willing. PART I: Songs chosen by Show Runner Jeff Davis, aka Another Awesome Jeff (#AAJ*) his fave per episode, in […]

When I Was A Beatle

The perfect playlist for your next Bed-In… including the requisute ‘mysogynistic Lennon’-song plus the requisite ‘Lennon atones for prior mysogyny’-song. Side A Norwegian Wood Woman Is The Nigger Of The World Come Together A Day In The Life Ticket To Ride Strawberry Fields Forever Whatever Gets You Through The Night Revolution Dig A Pony Working […]

Boo Bippin’ Down The Road

Boo Bippin’ Down The Road 22 songs for Ses’ City/Desert drive, August 22, 2005 Road Trippin’ – RHCP Unidentified Asian Alt-Pop-Rock Song Wave Of Mutilation – the Pixies Ultraviolet – U2 Ana Ng – They Might Be Giants It’s A Jungle Out There – Randy Newman Dear God – XTC Isn’t It A Pity? – […]

3 Days In Rome

3 Days In Rome 15 songs circa 2000 & Oct. 2005 Betty Et Zorg – Gabriel Yared Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd Good Intentions – Lyle Lovett All Grown Up – Elvis Costello How I Wanted You – Richard Thompson I Will – Beatles Put It There – Paul McCartney Mama, You’ve Been […]

Oh, What A Beast In Me

Oh What A World – Rufus Wainright Piove (Ciao, Ciao Bambina) – Jovanotti Feel My Heat – Boogie Nights Underneath The Bunker – REM Ya Got Trouble – The Music Man San Fernando Valley – Bing Crosby Papa Gene’s Blues – The Monkees Posh! – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Little Fat Baby – Sparklehorse Saint […]

the *MLKJ-Day List (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

the *MLKJ-Day List Top Of The World – The Carpenters Discovery Channel – Bloodhound Gang Bare Necessities – Phil Harris (The Jungle Book) I’m Back – Eminem A Few Of My Favorite Things – Julie Andrews (The Sound Of Music) Come What May – Nicole Kidman,  Ewan MacGregor (Moulin Rouge) For Some Doll – Guys […]

25 Shuffle Songs – 2009 (3 friends)

ses 1. ABBA – Take a Chance on Me 2. Mika – Happy Ending 3. Heartless Bastards – Out at Sea 4. Oliver! Soundtrack – Consider Yourself 5. Tori Amos – This Old Man 6. Vampire Weekend – Bryn 7. Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes 8. Castledoor – Dumpster Diving 9. Blue […]

the ‘Breakup by Mixtape’ playlist

High Fidelity – Side A(n exposition of sorts to a kinda-love story) -Hi, ¡¿Fidelity?! – Side B(reaking up is actually much easier to do than most 1950s teen pop songs insist)

the ‘Welcome to 2010’ playlist

welcome to {20/10} a playlist to cleanse the palette: i’ve been pondering a blog ever since i confirmed Voldemort’s lack of loyalty in the fall of 2007. But “Anatomy of a Breakup, the blog” like the breakup itself, stalled out for an embarrassingly lengthy timespan. Then, this New Year’s Eve i was asked what two […]