Music + Moxie delivers the two-part not-quite-official

MTV’s Teen Wolf Season One Playlist:
“Werewolves We Wanna Kiss”

from your girl in Music. You are welcome, fellow teen-wolf groupies, we’ll get through this TW famine together, god-willing.

PART I: Songs chosen by Show Runner Jeff Davis, aka Another Awesome Jeff (#AAJ*) his fave per episode, in order of episodic order:


PART II: Songs available for free download from MTV during the first season, in no particular order:


1,2,3 – Work

Dead Man’s Bone’s – Lose Your Soul

Hanni El Khatib – You Rascal You

Kids of ’88 – Universe

Last Days Of April – If (Don’t Ever Blame Yourself)

The Sea of Cortez – Telephonic

White Sea – Overdrawn

William Fitzsimmons – Psychasthenia

Those Dancing Days – Help Me Close My Eyes

Alexi Murdoch – Towards The Sun

She Wants Revenge – Not Just A Girl

Low Action – Everything Will Float Just Out Of Range

Apple Horse – Filthy Halls<3 (this is my TW soundtrack song crush!)

Au Revoir Simone – 12 Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Niki And The Dove – DJ Ease My Mind

And that’s all gang, for now. These are the tracks that were free promotional downloads by MTV during the shows regular season, with those that Jeff Davis selected as his song pick of the week at the top section. Sorry gang, but there was never an mp3 of Dino’s Teen Wolf Love theme, but if Dino wanted to send me the embed code for streaming or download, I wouldn’t object, and would be incredibly indebted. Also, if other tracks used in the season become available free anywhere I will add them to this list until its organized by episode and sequence order – lets get the entire season one!!

*As a tangential FYI, the original awesome Jeff (#OAJ) is my brother, who is, as the moniker suggests, epically awesome to the nth exponent. Because of how awesome I consider my bro, I am partial to those who happen to share his name, and tend to like and trust Jeffrey/Jeff’s immediately and assume they are generally smarter, cooler and better than the rest of you humans – I call this phenomenon, or rather the person with my brother’s name “another awesome jeff” (#AAJ) although my brother is concerned this might get me into serious trouble one day, often citing the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in his argument. I maintain that that was not his original or intended name, since so far, my Jeff-assumptions have proved uncannily accurate, causing a staggeringly high accumulation of Jeff’s and Geoff’s among those I consider my friends. Isn’t useless trivia awesome?!