Drumpf Silver Lining

OK, i think i found one silver lining to this national nightmare – The Clash and The Psychedelic Furs haven’t been this relevant in years. #PunksNotDead! Think I’m reaching? Listen for yourself: Anyone hearing this for the first time today would never guess it was written 30 years ago instead of for the Breitbart administration.

OKGo: Happy Artists <3

=>true confession: sometimes, i ♥ OKGO so much that it actually hurts. What do you mean, WHY? Cuz i can have nothing but pure adulation for, & massive appreciation of their being unabashedly happy artists, thus making it OK for me to be an artist without having to try and suffer and/or self-destruct as part […]

ECC’s Fan Collaboration Video WIN

Today ECC released their just-completed fan photo video for a cover of beloved Pixies anthem “Where Is My Mind.” Yep, Your Pics + Our Cover = Great Video. Please watch and share with your friends. I love everything about this video, and not just because Pixies or the song choice or the fact that i […]

Bad Romancing the Stone

Yer girl in music is just so smitten with the tequila-tinged voice of folk-rock singer-songwriter Lissie Maurus. Though her debut effort, last years Catching a Tiger, has no trouble standing on its own merit, the sizeable collection of famous fans hasn’t done her any harm either. How many up-and-coming songstresses can say Lenny Kravitz invited […]

Sheenis Envy

Part of the Song a Day project:  What: Singer/songwriter Jonathan Mann goes Jon Brion and creates a jangly and highly entertaining guitar pop tune solely from the treasure chest of recently unhinged Charlie Sheen quotes. Bonus Points for writing a song more melodic and catchy than 95% of the genre. No points deducted — […]