Female Senate Unites for Survivors

In a letter released earlier today and signed by all 22 women in the Senate, blue and red alike, the all-male Senate leadership is called out over their failure to act on legislation that would overhaul how the sexual harassment complaint process is handled on Capitol Hill. This is one “naming + shaming” move I can […]

Bowie + Mercury Under Pressure

One day in 1981 David Bowie and Queen found themselves in a recording studio somewhere in Switzerland. The intent was to lay down vocals for “Cool Cat,” but Bowie got bored with the task at hand and suggested writing a new song from scratch instead. According to Freddie Mercury biographer Mark Blake, the iconic musicans […]

The End of the Graphing Calculator

The ridiculously expensive Texas Instruments graphing calculator is slowly but surely getting phased out. The times they are a-changin’ for the better, but I’m feeling nostalgic. I have some wonderful memories associated with my TIs. You probably have an expensive Texas Instruments graphing calculator packed away somewhere. I do. In fact, I still have two. […]

Photo Surfaces of Biggie + Kurt Cobain

Yesterday morning on twitter one user shared a photo of what appeared to be Biggie and Kurt Cobain together, staring down an unknown photographer with expressions apropos for their respective genres. The tweet asked Krist Novoselic to confirm whether or not the photo was legit.   @KristNovoselic sir, can you please confirm, is this a […]

7-Inches for Planned Parenthood

Who says Bono has the corner on Music’s Philanthropic market? Bono does, of course, but who else? Not Your Girl In Music. One thing that has always been true is that when , musicians are often front and center, rolling up their sleeves and pitching in to support causes near and dear. The recent push […]

19 ‘Hardcore’ Years

19 years old today. When Pulp’s “This is Hardcore” hit the record stores, I was already 5 years smitten with front-man Jarvis Cocker, but this was the noise that bit me hard, and I got hooked. In fact, YGIM fell in so much love with the title track it made me realize no boy could […]

Best Coast + Liz Phair stand with Planned Parenthood

You know how sometimes you’re on stage performing a benefit concert you organized in order to give back to an org that you depended on and is under attack for stupid political reasons, when all of a sudden one of your personal heroes stops by to duet a few with you? Well, so does Bethany Cosentino. […]

A Valentines Revolution

  Q: How does one make Your Girl in Music swoon? A: Buy me the book + bring booze for bonus points.   Oops, I just wrote the best feminist soft core opening plot ever.

1997 Changed the Game for UK Rock

Just as Britpop came to an end, so too must the 20th anniversary Britpop celebrations. After all the Blur box sets, Suede reissues, and Menswear reappraisals, the last hurrah came this past October in the form of Mat Whitecross’ documentary Oasis: Supersonic. The film functions as a time-capsule portrait of Britpop’s 1996 peak, framing its […]

Lily Allen covers ‘Going to a Town’

Lily Allen, darling U.K. import of the early-aughts, performed a haunting live cover of Rufus Wainwright’s “Going to a Town” at Women’s March London this year. Today she released her version with a black-and-white video directed by Bafic that includes footage of her performance and the anti-Drumpf demonstrations from the London Women’s March rally. One day […]

Gorillaz Foretold the Pop Narrative Future

It’s always been hard to take Gorillaz totally seriously. After all, the side project of Blur’s Damon Albarn and Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett is comprised of cartoon characters: Albarn’s daffy-voiced singer 2D, drummer Russel Hobbs, bassist Murdoc Niccals, and adolescent guitarist Noodle—each with their own arc over the course of the band’s nearly 20 […]

Drumpf Silver Lining

OK, i think i found one silver lining to this national nightmare – The Clash and The Psychedelic Furs haven’t been this relevant in years. #PunksNotDead! Think I’m reaching? Listen for yourself: Anyone hearing this for the first time today would never guess it was written 30 years ago instead of for the Breitbart administration.

#FBF – Bowie + Frampton: In Search Of

As the world completes it’s first year without David Bowie in it since 1946, YGIM YouTube spiraled her way across this vintage MTV News gem. It feels like a fitting tribute to the starman’s oft-overlooked sillier side. Let me set the scene — Madrid, 1987. David Bowie and Peter Frampton embark upon their very own […]

2016 was the Worst

Phew: midnight. It is now 1st January, 2017 and while I didn’t get an awkward kiss with a stranger I am relieved to report, after spending the last several hours breathlessly refreshing google alerts that our irreplaceable, 94-years-young national treasure Betty White is still counted among the living. It doesn’t bring back anyone we lost, […]

This Impossible Year

Panic! at the Disco took the words right outta my mouth with this track from their latest album, Death of a Bachelor. 2016 summed up perfectly.  The band doesn’t seem to be suffering creatively with just one founding member remaining – in fact, this is the first zeitgeist-defining track I can think of from […]

Star Wars Premiere Invite

Is this premiere being thrown by the Empire? Or what? No face paint? No masks? No props other than lightsabers? Costumes are only allowed for the 3 days of opening weekend (which doesn’t include the premiere)? I was invited to the premiere and really looking forward to going until this message darkened my inbox. Look, […]

Presidents of the United States of America Disband

On day 8 of our national election hangover, 90’s Seattle alt-rockers The President’s of the United States of America are piling on. Today their 3rd and final breakup, which apparently happened a year ago, was made official via a post on the band’s facebook page. Given how close after the election this was revealed, its […]

(Give Me a) Leonard Cohen After-Life


True Love Waits // Then + Now

The live 1995 Debut of True Love Waits in Belgium immediately followed by the live LA performance of the same song from 2016’s Moon Shaped Pool release. What a difference 21 years makes…

Lollapalooza 25 Streaming Schedule

Even if you’re not in Chicago this weekend for the 25th Birthday Bash of Perry Farrell’s genre/generation/sonic-era defining Alt-Rock Fest, that’s no excuse for your failure to Dance Yourself Clean with the rest of us festies as a remote reveler. Thanks to Red Bull TV, fans can tune in to livestreams of few choice set […]

Bowie Snags Four 2016 MTV VMA Nominations

David Bowie added four more posthumous award nominations to his tally today, this time for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. Bowie was recognized in four professional categories for two music videos. His video “Blackstar” was nominated for Best Art Direction, and “Lazarus” secured nods for Best Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Editing. If there […]

Own Your Own Frances Bean Cobain Original Print

Frances Bean Cobain, the sole offspring of Nirvana frontman /Voice of a Generation-X Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, announced today on her twitter and instagram channels she is making prints of her original artwork publicly available for purchase at online retailer depop.     Selling my art via depop.com/space_witch666 A photo posted by […]


7/19/16 – A playlist to aid you amid total mission failure and/or scrubbing your hands clean. Look, I don’t even like all the songs on this list, but that doesn’t exactly matter, my like or dislike of a song has nada to do with the song being apropos for your got-caught aftermath. So check it […]