On day 8 of our national election hangover, 90’s Seattle alt-rockers The President’s of the United States of America are piling on. Today their 3rd and final breakup, which apparently happened a year ago, was made official via a post on the band’s facebook page. Given how close after the election this was revealed, its worth noting that the band’s ‘OLD OLD OLD’ age is cited as the reason behind their breakup and not because they no longer want to be associated with the Presidency or the man who just won it.

Upbeat and heavy on double-entendres hidden in plain sight, PUSA was always a go-to for those music fans who just wanna shake their hair out and dance it off, an Rx that we could really use as we deal with an incoming minority-elected president who campaigned on fear-mongering and hate and whose victory has already made many innocent americans victims of violence and emboldened hate groups to openly terrorize communities across the nation.

Even if Trump is a phenomenal leader (its possible since no one knows his real position or intent on any issue), the Presidents breakup is still a huge loss that leaves a plethora of unanswered questions in its wake. For example: In ‘Peaches’ was the line “Peaches come in a can” referring to a pocket vagina? How many euphemisms did I miss? Were they all anatomy based? These are mysteries fated to remain unsolved, and we just have to accept that, regretfully. The best comment on the breakup announcement was posted by Robert Horrell whose dismay is easy to understand as he’d just finished a Lump/Trump parody, the lyrics for which he shared. Betcha ‘Trump’ gets stuck in your head after just one read.

11 - PUSA-Lump-comment.png