The Music+Moxie Interview: Coni Duchess of Capsula

Your Girl In Music had the grand pleasure of catching up with Coni Duchess of psych-glam-punk sensation Capsula after their spectacular sonic triumph at West Hollywood’s Troubadour this month. What have you learned after 5 years together? How has the band evolved? Martin and I have been together for more than five years, so we […]

5 Fast Questions: The Diamond Light

Regulars on Angel City’s vibrant and varied music scene are no doubt well-aware of our own Rock-N-Soul standouts, The Diamond Light. The foursome has been tearing up the stages from Silverlake to West Hollywood in the last couple months and just debuted their song “Dusty Walls” on MTV’s ‘Catfish’. Your girl in music caught up […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: David Johnson

Of all the accidental musical discoveries that have graced the ears of Your Girl In Music over the last six months, few have embodied the spirit of serendipity so well as that of David Johnson and his album Eights and Aces. We took some time to sit down with the young singer-songwriter and discuss what […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Max Szollosi

In part two of our 10-part Drummer Appreciation series, we spoke to Max Szollosi. Max first crossed our radar as the back-beat backbone of the reformed LA by way of Dublin hard rock outfit, Moth Complex, when he relocated from his home in Colorado to join the band. Since moving to the City of Angels […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Dave Stewart

For three decades, Dave Stewart has been writing a visceral soundtrack that captures the deep, dark and beautiful emotional sphere we inhabit. A collaborative genius and masterful musical innovator, he is that rare breed of ‘pure artist’, someone who if not writing or making music, is producing the work of his rock star peers like […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Johnny Otto

  In the third installment of Project Culture Cred we talked to indie film-maker and enfant terrible Johnny Otto. Johnny has long held a special place in our hearts as the mad genius who gave us the Slimdunce: 7 movies in 7 days short film series that forever changed our lives. When we started project […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Glen Heggstad

In the second installment of Music+Moxie’s 2012 Culture Cred series, Your Girl In Music spoke to author, world traveler and adventurer Glen Heggstad. Glen is a man with a history who never let that interfere with his ambitions. His unique worldview and defiantly optimistic outlook is one we maintain would change the lives of everyone, if […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Jamie Douglass

Meet Jamie Douglass, one arresting drummer who first came to our attention as the powerhouse beats man relentlessly propelling one especially epic Andy Clockwise concert into music mythos at the Roxy last September. How did you get into drumming? I got into drumming in fifth grade. I’d always been really curious about it, starting in […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Shirley Levi III

In the conclusion to our 3-part interview, Shirley Levi talks about her artistic process, path and payoffs, and of course Life & Death Karaoke and Guilty Music Pleasures.   Give me some insight into your music & songwriting process. If I don’t feel Chills that won’t go away from a beginning lyric, melody or concept […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Shirley Levi II

In Part 2 of our 3-part interview Shirley Levi discusses her latest album, “Break Free” in-depth. What are your goals for “Break Free” that will make it a success for you no matter how it does chart wise? The fact that I completed my hearts work, in spite of the exaggerated adversities I faced with […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Sam Comen

In an effort to bring you greater Culture Cred in 2012, Music and Moxie will attempt to interview or profile one non-music artist every other week, or 26 times per year. After all, we at Music+Moxie are huge fans of the all of the arts, not only those that make oodles of the blessed noise […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Shirley Levi I

Meet Shirley Levi, an inspired and inspiring artist that doesn’t let anything stand in her way. Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Activist, and Musical Maverick are all apt titles but in the opinion of Your Girl in Music, Dreamer perhaps suits her best.  Her epic (think Beowulf) journey as she followed her hearts path is the stuff of […]