05 - kurt-biggie-1.jpgYesterday morning on twitter one user shared a photo of what appeared to be Biggie and Kurt Cobain together, staring down an unknown photographer with expressions apropos for their respective genres. The tweet asked Krist Novoselic to confirm whether or not the photo was legit.



The former Nirvana bassist’s reply arrived tonight, and it’s a doozy:


05 - original-kurt-biggie.jpgGift-wrapped set-up aside, a troll is still a troll and Krist’s entire reply was malarky. Well, except for the part about it being cropped.


The photo depicting two great icons from the 90’s Rap and Grunge scenes mugging for the camera is actually a quick and dirty photoshop job. And that is Pat Smear’s hand, not Tupac’s, holding the cigarette pack as you can see in the original, unedited picture.


No known photographs exist of Biggie with Kurt Cobain on a tour bus or anywhere else. I know, internet, it makes me sad, too.