=>true confession:

sometimes, iOKGO so much that it actually hurts.

What do you mean, WHY?

Cuz i can have nothing but pure adulation for, & massive appreciation of their being unabashedly happy artists, thus making it OK for me to be an artist without having to try and suffer and/or self-destruct as part of the porcess. Really, though. As a kid i watched Basquiat and walked away convinced that one wasn’t an artist unless they were tormented & tragic, and felt i had to choose between my natural defiantly optimistic disposition but being boring + normal or being unique + creative but fatally self destructive. i remember thinking, “But i don’t WANT to do drugs and try to kill myself every day. I guess I kind of have to though… *{sigh}.” If Jeffrey Wrights portrayal as Warhols’ protege graffiti artist planted that idea in my head, then Damien and Tim put that myth to rest for me, with my first listen of their debut OkGo. xo, dudes!

Not to mention, they’ve created some of my most smiliest happy-ful OMG! moments post-High School:

♣ Here it Goes Again Treadmills: The first time I saw this, I cheered, having spent ages attempting to do the same thing (but as a solo act to a various songs) at my tiny gym only to have my valiant artsy efforts thwarted at every turn by its owner.

♣ They jumped the slave record label ship: The very best headline on their EMI departure read ‘Band to EMI: Well OK Go our separate ways.’ Ha! We all know my feelings w/r/t major labels.

♣ Rube Goldberg is suddenly cool: Thanks to OKGO and Syyn Labs help, there are now a plethora of You Tube videos depicting overly elaborate and complicated MacGyver-rigged machines performing unnecessary + ridiculously simple tasks in approximately 15.43 longer than it should, and often producing a poorer result.

♣ Dinner Theater Live Shows: Truly among the most fun bands to see live, Damien and Tim performed an impromptu scene from Les Miserables at an LA show a year ago, and it was awesome.

♣ And then there’s this delightful adorableness:


See? What did I say?? > > > HAPPY ARTISTS.

ADORABLE happy artists no less.