This weeks LA artist making music your life is not complete without & now that you know you can save yourself, thank the lawd,  (hold pls while i catch my breath) is Molly Malones regular, KING WASHINGTON.

No, they dont totally understand how Democracy works in America, judging by their icon and name, but who cares!? They play music you need in order for your life to be complete, possibly bearable. What does their grade in Freshman PoliSci matter when were discussing your quality of life? That’s right: Nothing.

It must be your lucky day though, because King Washington happens to be gigging at SilverLake Lounge tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 23rd, taking the stage at 9pm.

Already have plans that you cant miss even to give yourself the gift of an uber-happy la dolce vita? Well, despair naught. They play again locally in a fortnight, at Malibu Inn on Friday, September 9th (or 9/9) at 10:30 pm.