Well, my fellow Teen Wolf Fans, until next season we will have this one small comfort: the extended (10 minutes long!) version of the Drew Barrymore directed supervideo for Best Coast‘s “Our Deal” starring Tyler Posey, Chloe Moretz with a cameo by Miranda Cosgrove in an homage to West Side Story that so ingeniously illustrates the song. If Posey’s not careful, he’s going to be typecast as ‘hot young star-crossed lover, male.’

Best-CoastFirst of all, if there was any doubt as to the epic awesomeness of Best Coast, that doubt was permanently erased when Bethany’s indie pop outfit turned in a main support set for Lykke Li at her Greek concert on August 3rd. The decidedly LA groups unrelenting brand of energetic noise so perfectly set the stage for Lykke’s artful Greek debut, and front-woman Bethany’s effortless command of the crowd was immediately evident – she had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand, so to speak, the entire set. Everything she said or did elicited instant, wild applause.

This video was released the day before that show, on August 2nd as Bethany said when she launched into “Our Deal” just before the last song of her set, but I am only writing about it now because , well, lets face it: its a Ses-Tripple Threat featuring three of my most fave-evers, which is very dangerous territory for me: Drew Barrymore, whose ET character Gertie I was apparently the spitting image of when I was a child, Best Coast, who I insist on giving my brother a brief history lesson on every time we see them live even though I’ve so already done that, um, every other time; and MTV’s Teen Wolf’s teen wolf himself, the tigerbeat worthy Tyler Posey. All of which means I had built its epic-ness up in my mind to impossible-to-actually-satisfy levels, and therefore had to wait out the high tide of this unreasonable expectation, which I was finally over this morning.

So without any further ado,  enjoy the genius of “Our Deal” in this MTV supervideo “CRAZY FOR YOU” and try not to hold anyone involved responsible for the instant addiction you develop.