Did you notice how generous the show was in music this week? I think its because they want us to forgive them when they kill one of the gang and make another character non-human but don’t tell us till next season who died and who is nonhuman.. just a theory, purely speculative but it seems like the sort of thing a hit, edgy summer series for teens would do if it were developed and written by Jeff Davis. The music gifts are not gonna be shunned by me though so lets get to Jeff’s favorite song from this weeks show.

Just A Little Bit” is the first song I heard by Kids of 88 who not only have several songs in the show, but also appear as the band playing during the Winter Formal in episode 11. They’ve got a great synth/electro pop sound and are also pretty damn nice guys.

Once more my favorite EP ever has selected yet another of my fave bands/tracks from the last year! 4 out of 5 weeks is just Uncanny. And Bonus(!) Turns out the insanely talented Kids of 88 are pretty damn nice guys. Who  doesn’t love hearing that about their fave noisemakers?