Wallabies 2011 Tri Nations win

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful Australia is?

Australia is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people doing beautiful things…beautifully. If you were to ask me “Ses, what’s the one country in the world with which you could find no fault?” I would quickly answer, without a moment’s hesitation, “Australia.”

The music, the people, the culture revolving around consumption of copious amounts of alcohol… All that jazz. MMMPH! What’s not to like? They even speak English over there! Fantastic.

You Australians know what I’m talking about, right? You guys have got it GOIN’ ON. This should not be news to you.

An Australian “5”

Did you know that in Australia, motorcycle biker gangs are called “Bikie gangs”? Bikie! Can you believe it? That’s so cute and endearing that I want to fly over there right now just so I can pinch their widdle bearded, tattooed faces.

And their television programming? Quality through-and-through. I refer of course to such classics as Farscape, The Upside Down Show, and Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Australia truly is a land of natural beauty, rich heritage, and food paste.

I raise these points because, well…no reason! I just thought you might want to know a little something about me.