Co-Captain did a bang-up job of building on last weeks Wolfs Bane, in my never-to-be-humble opinion, as the series visual calling-card, a pronounced neo-noir cinematic motif, was once again seamlessly executed for maximum suspense and shrillest squeaks from yours truly. Oh yes, really.

The always impressive soundtrack** is yet another example of why, if I were Jeff, every week I would find the task of picking just one track the most daunting and futile exercise EVER, and wind up listing every song used as my stand-out favorite. I am so glad that Jeff is able to choose one song per week, not to mention duly impressed by infallible selections. Here’s this weeks pick:

Micky Ekko’s “Who Are You, Really?” is a stellar song with great tension and build that plays over a pivotal moment in Allison’s journey from normal teenager girl to potential hunter.

Last week, within the episodes first minute, electro-euro remixes sprung us into Wolfs Bane; this week it’s the very last post-pop song that takes us out of Co-Captain that catches Jeff’s ear, and ours. Its one of the best uses of music in TV I’ve seen lately. I hope this well-earned attention yields Mikky some serious love for his 3-song EP Reds, released last year.

*I cant tell you how often I find myself dragging/coercing a very baffled male neighbor (who will only be more baffled by the time he is free to go) into my apartment for no purpose other than to watch the show from where I’d looked away and then let me know A) what I missed while I had my eyes closed and ears muffled (while burying my head under a sofa pillow just in case) & B) when im safe to resume watching, or if it was safe for me to watch myself. I usually knock on the door of the unsuspecting gent and tell them I need help with some issue in my apartment that really requires a dude, which is 100% true. I just dont specify that the issue is my having to pause my fave show with no hope of resuming the show without an xy present. Details.
**BTW Thank you for that, Dino & Laura.