Wow, when my luck finally breaks, gang, it breaks WIDE OPEN. Ever since I joined this team, everything is coming up Ses. How else do you explain my good fortune at tripping over the release of this video on my first day on the job post-Thunderdome – I was only here 2 days before T-Dome started so it’s essentially Day 1 (3) of my awesome new gig on my uber-awesome new team at our super-uber-awesome new campus?

I know, you can’t. But there’s no need to.

Instead, please simply behold the magic that is David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” covered in the style of XKCD’s Up Goer Five – that is, using only the “10 hundred” most common words in the English Language – and know that even if the creators were to try, they could not make me squeal any happier than I did upon finding this. Those of you who’ve been with me from the start of m+m will know exactly why.