Screamo? Really?

While filing last months email messages I came across the below exchange, in which I first learned of the existence of the ‘screamo’ genre… rereading the chain made me smile and got me thinking that I should really get your opinion on subgenres in music today. Two years ago, when applying to become an agent […]

ECC’s Fan Collaboration Video WIN

Today ECC released their just-completed fan photo video for a cover of beloved Pixies anthem “Where Is My Mind.” Yep, Your Pics + Our Cover = Great Video. Please watch and share with your friends. I love everything about this video, and not just because Pixies or the song choice or the fact that i […]


Exceeding expectations always makes my heart smile. I save every gratitude. From: Music Assistant To: Ses Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 10:42 AM Subject: RE: MUSICIAN You are awesome.

Warrior Maiden is My Middle Name

  After the below true multi-person email exchange i kinda feel like i just won a war medal. ____________________________   From: Abusive Requester To: Ses Subject: BAND Do you know who their manager is? I know you don’t rep. From: Ses To: BANDSTARs mgmt Subject: FW: BAND Hey if Abusive Requester(“AR”)’s office reaches out to you […]

*38 (efF-U)

Coming Soon: Replacing *86 w/ the Cee-Lo inspired *38 aka *FU: From: AEG     To: Goldenvoice Cc: Ses Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 2:40 PM Subject: Last Minute Coachella Request Goldenvoice: [Ses’] BossMan would like to obtain 3 tickets for CELEB to attend Sunday’s festival. Can you please let Ses know what you can/can’t do? Thx. […]

Music Asst FAIL

FYI freebird-violator: all the nepotism in the world won’t pardon not knowing that freebird is a once in a blue moon cameo on your work playlist anywhere in the music industry. Covering with your band on open mic night or blasting in your car is fine, but don’t do it on the job where some […]