From: CK                To: Ses
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 11:10 PM
Subject: Holla…

Hey. So that candle we gave you, well maybe not such a good present. Its been recalled for one, and kc got one (cause they are amazing scented), and of course it exploded and almost lit her house on fire. We’d rather that didn’t happen to you, our most favorite. So sorry about that. Maybe just for decorative purposes…or maybe not so much. See you in SE Asia!!!!

CKC (that is our initials, we are in love. Like lots)*

*emphasis added.

Hmm…. Not QUITE Magi, true: the couple from Gift of the Magi never almost killed their most favorite. Here’s the haps: My boybestie CK, his gf KC (who was my inspiration to start this very blog before he or i knew her – when i was gona call it anatomy of a breakup), & i exchanged gifts via messenger this year. When i tore into mine (the moment i got it) the first thing i opened was a candle that i was positive was other-worldly. It was, well, DIVINELY amazing-smelling & i could not wait to burn it so my whole house would be equally amazing smelling. Sadly/Fortuitously I got home late & had show coverage to get to, fell asleep still half dressed upon returning home and had to rush off to work immediately this morning.  i considered lighting it as i left but decided against it since i was 80% out the door…talk about a narrow escape.

oh yeah: YAY for in love like lots, and yay for most favorites. most fave made my day.
CKC = my fave couple + (maybe) 2 fave people i’m not related to…they are so def my most favorite too ♥