The Music+Moxie Store

has been moved to Cafe Press… 1. Because I am not a musical artist (although i am a music-FUL artist) and musical artists are who the reverb nation stores are actually meant for; and 2. On cafe press I was able to create Bono blaming puppy apparel for my dogs, Mixie (named for Sublime’s “Caress […]

Stopping the Insanity

Every now and again it can be fun to have relatives that may or may not be government spooks. For those of you whose family members are not in the US intelligence community, the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) is like the CIA but its 100% military, which the CIA is not. Common misconception. Scam-spam really, […]

Blaming Bono

Yes, my Bono-blaming merch is finally here – join the fun* and blame Bono too, I promise you won’t be disappointed. *as measured by the amusing results one gets when they google “Blame Bono” – try it yourself or see below.

Screamo? Really?

While filing last months email messages I came across the below exchange, in which I first learned of the existence of the ‘screamo’ genre… rereading the chain made me smile and got me thinking that I should really get your opinion on subgenres in music today. Two years ago, when applying to become an agent […]

music+moxie updated pages

See the list of links with titles like “Cinematic Fanatic” or “myspace blog 2007” at the top of this site? Those are inks to my pages, which is a ton of fun content (mostly my own) that for one reason or another i’m including  on music+moxie separate from my regular blog posts. New content is […]


From: Anthropologie     To: Ses Subject: The big sale. (How big, you ask…?) Maybe it’s my female weakness* with math + spatial relationships, but i always thought size was in the eye of the beholder and that it’s not the size of the sale that matters, but how you use it… REAL TALK: If your anthrophile affliction is […]

getting ink done

“…like God Ink…” the deflowering ink has been chosen – to be placed on the back of my neck in multicolor (think dreamcoats), uber-saturated hues. the butterflies were taken and manipulated from drawings by John Lennon (aka me in my past life) found in the reissued SKYwriting, super deluxe edition. What praytell, could be more […]


this is by far the most amazingly beautiful and sacred artwork i have ever seen using the body for ones canvas. it makes me think of beatrix potter or something similarly wonderful and smileful and sparkly and cozy from childhood. it even makes me want to get the same ink on me, but considering its […]

Blackberry Contact Deets

Recently my work blackberry started displaying titles with names on txts and emails. Don’t know why it did but i love it cuz I totally smile whenever CK and I correspond on this damn device now: it’s just so ridiculously fun, and always a little bit surprising, to see “The Boy Bestie CK” in the […]


Exceeding expectations always makes my heart smile. I save every gratitude. From: Music Assistant To: Ses Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 10:42 AM Subject: RE: MUSICIAN You are awesome.

myspace 2007

I bring you the myspace blog of sesaluna (yours truly) circa 2007 – with authoress/directors commentary, no less. Lest i am ever again tempted to assume the role of a naked male idiot / monarch. Friday  2/15/02;   Paolo:  Just a reminder that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes – like my heart is wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes or is the Emperor’s […]

Proud to be a Bowie Fan

If you missed John Peck’s insightful and poignant reflections on What Your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You, please do yourself a favor and correct that mistake ASAP. Every listing from Steely Dan to Molly Hatchet is completely priceless – I was laughing so hard I snorted my afternoon wine out my nose. T-Rex, […]

Handling Bad Manners with Wit & Diplomacy

What i loved & what made me laugh about this most was that of the huge list she sent this to, my bosses wife listed me first. From: Bossman’s Fab Wife To: Ses and many dozens others Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 2:18 PM Subject: Handling bad manners with wit & diplomacy For all who work […]


TRUE STORY: Between 4th & 6th grades I would spontaneously & unintentionally start speaking in iambic pentameter, sometimes for days on end, unable to stop myself. I’d begun reading from ‘The Complete Shakespeare’ daily at the start of 2nd grade & suspect this detail may have a causational relationship with the later iambic affliction.