Hindsight is truly 20/20. Case in point: Ilya Kovalchuk and my Kings wish last summer. I’d lusted after the Kings securing Kovi, & lusted hard so I didn’t hide my bitterness with Kings mgmt when we lost the sign then didn’t get Ilya back on the rebound. I think I even called Dean Lombardi an awful father (the Kings ARE his children) who should lose parental privileges over the matter all during the off-season and into the start of the regular season … right up until the season was underway long enough that we all learned somehow Kovi had obviously  acquired and was suffering from some disease that made him allergic to ice or something. Cause yikes.

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Here’s today’s quote from Dean Lombardi, w/ regard to reports that Ilya Kovalchuk will visit Los Angeles and/or sign with the Kings:

“Kovalchuk is only coming here for a visit,” Lombardi said. “It is a great opportunity for him to meet us and us to meet him. Reports of us announcing a signing tomorrow are utterly false.”

Riiiiiight; Oh hey, also, while I have you, I only came to In-N-Out to look at burgers. Reports of my potentially purchasing and ingesting one are totally baseless and utterly false.

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Let’s hope we get this done!!! Sounds like Kovi is running out of options.