Recently my work blackberry started displaying titles with names on txts and emails. Don’t know why it did but i love it cuz I totally smile whenever CK and I correspond on this damn device now: it’s just so ridiculously fun, and always a little bit surprising, to see “The Boy Bestie CK” in the unread message cue.  Big smiles.           

From: Ses                      To: CK
Sent: Wed, 3/16/2011 3:22 PM

FYI – This is just to let you know that I outwitted the Ides of March again in 2011, albeit only narrowly…

PS: I’m attaching your contact 411 as it’s saved in my berry. Ha! Now you know why I asked for the KCK anniversary. You should def find out if your uber-precious girl KC likes my phrasing for her official annotation in your contact deets & let me know what she says, k?


Contact Name: The Boy Bestie CK

Full Name CK
Title: The Boy Bestie

Company: MusicMgmt
Position: Special Ops
Birthday: April 25th
Anniversary: May 1st
Notes: Raddest GF evah: KC(K) ala HiKix-HH.
Std contact 411: tels, addys, emails, etc.

From: CK                      To: Ses
Sent: Wed, 3/16/2011 03:26 PM

I like it!