Not A Paperweight

During my formative through coming of age years my little universe was always and only as limited as the variety of my personal music library. This insight was first observed and expressed to me with positive reinforcement by my younger brother via one of his 2nd grade art class projects when i was in the 6th grade. One day he came home and set what looked like an interesting steampunk-ish paperweight on my desk in front of me while i was drawing and listening to some probably collectible vinyl of my parents.

getting ink done

“…like God Ink…” the deflowering ink has been chosen – to be placed on the back of my neck in multicolor (think dreamcoats), uber-saturated hues. the butterflies were taken and manipulated from drawings by John Lennon (aka me in my past life) found in the reissued SKYwriting, super deluxe edition. What praytell, could be more […]