If you like KISS, have gobs of money, and want to help UNICEFs child relief efforts in Japan and elsewhere then check out MINIs coolest-ever auction… oh, & if you don’t happen to need a new car yourself, i will gladly take it off your hands, free of charge…. i like the Purple and Blue models best.

Let’s Rock! The MINI and KISS Charity Auction is On! Auction ends June 8th, 4pm PST

100% of the proceeds for each vehicle, less the cost of shipping up to $4,000, will be remitted to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to raise money for children in Japan and emergency efforts around the world.

PS – In case you’re one of the few peeps who don’t already know, i am a proud owner of an adorable mini cooper, the most fun-to-own car, EVER. They sent me the kewlest swag, including fun 5-minute-mysteries complete with sleuthing kits, at random intervals for an entire year after my purchase. That’s right, first car to get the Nancy Drew angle covered. Thats in addition to covering the music angle, and i don’t just mean this auction… MINI sponsored my friends Oct31st Houston music-festival, GhoulsFest, in its first year last year, and just last month were the sponsors of Christina Perri’s “lovestrong.” record release party. So yeah, i’m definitely hooked for life on the music-friendliest car with the monopoly on covering the Nancy Drew angle.