After the below true multi-person email exchange i kinda feel like i just won a war medal.

From: Abusive Requester

Subject: BAND

Do you know who their manager is? I know you don’t rep.

From: Ses
To: BANDSTARs mgmt

Hey if Abusive Requester(“AR”)’s office reaches out to you or any of BAND’s people for the upcoming shows please, i beseech and beg of you: do not help him *for your own sakes.* Be warned: he is a terrorist (a non-music bigwig we music people refuse to help anymore). “AR” lied to the venue (Hwd Bowl) at our Headlining Artist’s show claiming that he was their mgr or agent and demanded dressing room access, then threw a fit when the box office wouldn’t change the tickets…. in front of the actual agent and our festival board. He also screamed at the agents asst over his seat locations being shitty, ie center front garden box, not pool, after said asst moved mountains just to get him into the show, then continued to move mountains daily to secure the most cherry box. I swear to you on my life that this guy will be the biggesst dick ever and never return the favor or even say, let alone send, any thank you. I am warning you cause you’re my legit friend and I don’t want you or any of your people to go through the absolute & utter hell of this man. trust me when i tell you that if you help him you will sorely regret it, as will the entire prod (no joke: he will absolutely demand every possible bonus/perk in the world, comped, including the firstborn of BAND + everyone involved in the tour). BANDsStar would hate him too. Terrorist. Really: TERRORIST.

From: BANDSTARs mgmt

Subject: Re: BAND

Yikes! & thx lady. Message received… what a nightmare.

From: Ses To: Box Ofc
Subject: FW: BAND
FYI (& no thanks necessary: i’m just doing what i can to be part of the solution)

From: Box Ofc  To: Ses
Subject: RE: BAND
this is hysterical. u ‘rawk’ btw.