Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be, no matter how strong your shared penchant for Gui Borrato remixes.

From: Ses   To: XY
Sent: Fr, 04/09/10 4:10PM

oh right! you guys thought I was canadian? im from palm springs. did you like how I called playoffs this year last july and it worked? hockey and music? you’re so killing me.

From: XY   To: Ses
Sent: Fr, 04/09/10 4:29PM

You totally did call it! But I still think the Red Wings are going to take it down. I got 110% trust in my boys. Also, watching you cheer at the game may have been one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen. Tee hee.


From: Ses   To: CK
Sent: Fr, 04/09/10 4:44PM

…annnnd FAIL. that was the briefest I have ever been in love. 19 blissful minutes.


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>From: CK   To: Ses
Sent: Fr, 04/09/10 4:45PM

Could be worse. Could be a Ducks fan.

Sigh… CK is forgetting the numerous headbutts ‘twixt the red wings & i this season. But he does have a way of putting things in perspective. Also, please note italics above and refer to the cliffhanger ending of the previous post, ‘Love WIN?