Email Chain Love Win?!?! My heart skipped a beat, i jumped in my seat, i even squeaked.

From: XY   To: Assistants
Subject: Saturday Party…

Hey Everybody,

I am throwing a house warming party at my new pad, lots of space, awesome location, a block south of Sunset Strip in Weho. Parking passes will be available at the front door but cabs and carpooling are encouraged.
So come out and help me break it in…

Please RSVP to my email. See you there.

-Party Guy

P.S Gina, why are you so scared to play me in ping pong?

From: Ses   Subject: RE: Saturday Party…
ill try to make it – got an awesome show though

From: XY
Gui Boratto I’m guessing.

From: Ses
no- its saint motel with voxhaul broadcast and pity party.

From: XY
My friend listens to a lot of saint motel and voxhaul broadcast. What I’ve heard from their songs, Theyre pretty solid bands.

From: Ses
Yes, they are. Who is your friend with this amazing taste in music?

From: XY
The same one who took me to a small bar just outside of San Antonio to see David Gilmour play an acoustic set that only 30 people were at.

From: Ses
duly impressed. ok so who is this awesome person. I’d like to shake their hand… I <3 the gui borrato remix of massive attack’s paradise circus.

From: XY
Big fan of massive attack, but even huger fan of boratto. After listening to his song “no turning back” I was sold.

From: Ses
OK you are coming to frida friday tonight no excuses no joke. I DON’T CARE!  i need / want to talk to you face to face mofo, if only cause i just this morning posted a ‘remixed by gui borrato’ playlist on my blog!

From: XY
Haha. What’s up with Frida Friday? I think we’ve talked face to face before at one of the staples center games. In the Suite.

From: Ses  
oh right! you guys thought I was canadian? i’m from palm springs. did you like how I called ‘our year’ & it worked? hockey and music? you’re so killing me.

Ses   To: CK

Subject: FW: Saturday Party…
Sent: Fri, 04/09/10 4:10 PM
OMG. I think I am in love. There’s only maybe 3 guys that have spoken to me @ our games, usually when I cheer in my ridic – er – unique style rather loudly (which is why it embarrasses me).