You’ll need to read this chain in reverse b/c it just works better that way and that’s how it’s posted, dear blog…

Pink is me, Ses emailing the Boy-Bestie, CK & Blue is the Boy-Bestie CK emailing me, Ses.

From: Ses   To: CK
Sent: Wed, March 17, 2010 4:52 PM

OMG! IKR*?!?!  Ugh, I’m so with you. One is supposed to always support ones team (aka the ‘good guys’ in our case) and tear down the other team’s morale (or ‘bad guys’ to us). Duh.

When I directed Bye Bye Birdie in HS I played actual reels of beatlemania footage for our extras who were not selling that era’s teen rock frenzy at all.  I believed i employed the instruction “& decency be damned, if your parents weren’t there you would be all OVER his stick” then pointed out one beatlemaniac’s blushing tear streamed face as she screamed, wept, and pulled out clumps of hair from her skull, not to mention the others getting themselves so worked up they’d actually pass out. I demanded genuine emotional distress on that level from my poor frosh extras.

Time to book, I have a date with Alabama Song** at an anonymous random dive bar and need to find my 1980’s green-trim ringer tee for my major annual karaoke debut. It’s a St Paddy’s tradition. 1 night per year, I am the lizard king & can do anything. Except green beer. Ew.

*IKR = I Know, Right(?)

**Alabama Song is not a code name for a person. It’s the cover made famous by the Doors on their debut album, ‘the Doors’.
Sent:Wed, Mar 17, 2010 4:47 PM

Haha. Like I said a trail of men alla beatles madness would be hilarious. Well, now that I know who the problem is, I say kick him out. He yells at our own team. I don’t get that.
Sent: Wed, March 17 2010 4:43 PM

ISH – don’t get carried away, BrightSide-ISH if anything.

also, if the other guy, who you’ve never met to my knowledge but who we shall leave anonymous just in case,  were a known Kings fan (prior to his knowing I’m a Kings fan) he’d be given a courtesy date, just out of respect. That’s how it works, unless they have some kind of srsly disqualifying flaw, like they’re actually Hitler. Guys who tell me they’re Kings fans after they know I am, well, I don’t really trust that they mean it, I think it’s a line. Which could totally throw off our year. Not a chance i’m willing to take, or a burden i care to shoulder. Notice we lost all the games where *he was pestering? So, sooo not-cool.

& please don’t joke about flocks CK, srsly, or before we know it, there’s a gaggle of admirers after me and then what will I do?
Sent: Wed, March 17, 2010 4:32 PM
Ok to condense two people into one problem in this case, but I don’t suggest it on a regular basis. Really though, as I mentioned, it’s not the worst problem to have. A flock of admirers could be worse.
So, both kings fans. That’s a good start. Bright side?
Sent: Wed, March 17, 2010 4:22 PM
I kinda thought you would be wise to that, CK. There’s sorta 2 but he is the annoying one, the other guy isn’t annoying and I’m mostly flattered albeit disinterested due to extreme dating exhaustion. I condensed them into 1 guy in an attempt to sound less narcissistic &/or more humble cause I know couldn’t really be that popular.
Sent: Wed, March 17, 2010 4:16 PM
Is *he the stalker? The guy who was there last time?
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From: Ses       To: CK
Sent: Wed, March 17, 2010 4:14 PM
Subject: FWD: 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Ticket Information
FYI – not sure what the deal will be w/ our suite for playoffs but I’m getting sick of it cause *he checks if I’m there w/ binoculars @ every game then txts/calls incessantly until I reply. Maybe I should start wearing a fake mustache and glasses disguise ala marx brothers. I haven’t checked out the below yet but I fully intend to.
From: Los Angeles Kings
Subject: 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Ticket Information