i wonder what they say about me when i’m not here …

“small, blonde {and} intellectual … and way into music” 

Wow, you guys weren’t joking about the playlist love – I honestly had no idea anyone was even checking the page anymore, until I logged into the m+m inbox where your emails go and holy moses, its flooded with your notes beseeching MOAR MUSIC PLS.

Message received: here’s not 1 but 6 new mixes, each at least an hour, to make up for the last 6 weeks. I still owe you 8 more. I asked Carol to spotify these and a few others for me, while i tweak a few you-tube playlists for ye as well.      

And I promise, though I wont be posting new articles anytime soon, I will kepp this playlist page up to date. Your life deserves the most epic of soundtracks. And that’s what I’m here for.


Hot Topic: Pit + Commit // metalAF. Play this b****, now.

Uneasy Like Sunday Morning: hey bad-boy, scramble my eggs.

Cat Club: gothy/new wavy/industrialish moody club-kid mix.

You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up: Saturday date night’s here!

Bitches: 1. original //#TwoGirlsOnePost// 2. 90’s edition