My ears first found Kickstand (the band) during my last year of junior high, and never got over it. We’ve (me + my ears) scoured the interwebs for the groups complete discography ever since, and while I’ve stumbled across a couple stray tracks hosted hither or tither, no reissue was found, no full albums discovered.

Kickstand is a trio comprised of sisters Tammi & Torry Colichio, and Jeff Feuerzeig, director of Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King and The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

They peddle sweet fem vocal indie pop-rock drenched with Farfisa organ, Casio Keyboards, and rocking guitar. I guarantee their not-to-be-missed Colossal Youth cover will paint your face in smiles.  You’ll enjoy it, promise! So what are you still waiting for?


  1. How To Make A Girl Cry Kick-Stand 4:02
  2. My Reputation Kick-Stand 2:01
  3. Magic Kick-Stand 3:58
  4. Lullaby Kick-Stand 1:40
  5. Colossal Youth Kick-Stand 4:23
  6. I Rode In Saucers Kick-Stand 3:46
  7. Slingshot Kick-Stand 1:14
  8. Wish Upon A Star Kick-Stand 5:01
  9. Not Enough Memory Kick-Stand 1:55
  10. Whisper Kick-Stand 1:02
  11. Teenage Kicks Kick-Stand 2:35
  12. Full Moon Kick-Stand 3:01
  13. Spiral Kick-Stand 2:46
  14. Take The Highway Kick-Stand 4:04
  15. Spinning Top Kick-Stand 2:07
  16. Roller Rink Kick-Stand 2:08
  17. Once Around Town Kick-Stand 1:39
  18. Why Can't I Kick-Stand 3:00
  19. The Card Shuffle Kick-Stand 1:38
  20. Daydream Kick-Stand 2:25
  21. Get-Well Kiss Kick-Stand 5:51
  22. Tally Ho Kick-Stand 2:56
  23. Crumble Kick-Stand 2:25