Faithful Reader, as you are no doubt aware after all this time, Your Girl In Music holds a special, exalted place in her heart for LA Font, LA’s own garage-rock-glorious lo-fi superstars. There is something so appealing about their earnest yet ambivalent wail, those seething, soul-clutching strings or maybe its the danceable beats backbone that ropes her in… Your Girl In Music really cannot pinpoint exactly what propels her enthusiastic enamor-ment with this four-piece, but just knows that it is with that brand of band-adoration zeal that’s rarely been witnessed since John, Paul George and Ringo first thrust our good old stars and stripes into the British Invasion’s Beatlemania full throttle with which her fervor for LA Font burns

Yes, perhaps our 2011 predictions that 2012 was to be “Their Year” were premature, but Lucky 2013 seems to be making up for all that. The Font has been the recipients of major media love in recent months, released a new single, “Onshore” and played a slew of local shows to packed rooms where, in her most devoted state of fandom, Your Girl in Music didn’t even mind that only about 20% of the sweat on her body was actually her own. It would seem that lo and behold, my beloved precious-es are about to break. And LA, it’s not too late to get in and be first on the scene of the LA Font-ier, so that when they inevitably blow up, you’ll rack up all the music-cool points as friends point to you as their original source of LA Font awareness.

LA Font will be playing DUM DUM’s “Punks & Scholars” party at the Outpost (YGIM’s favored small venue these days) in Glendale Saturday night, February 9, 2013 with their pals The Wither’s and TULIPS. Cool kids, professional cynics, beautiful losers, jet setters and power players will all be wearing their dancing shoes thin and tearing up life for a mere $5 at the door. Just be there.