the *MLKJ-Day List

Top Of The World – The Carpenters

Discovery Channel – Bloodhound Gang

Bare Necessities – Phil Harris (The Jungle Book)

I’m Back – Eminem

A Few Of My Favorite Things – Julie Andrews (The Sound Of Music)

Come What May – Nicole Kidman,  Ewan MacGregor (Moulin Rouge)

For Some Doll – Guys & Dolls Broadway Cast

Asking For It – Hole with Kurt Cobain

Your Right – Nirvana

Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers

Something Stupid – Nicole Kidman & Robbie Williams

The Book – Sheryl Crow

Running To Stand Still – U2

Eurotrash Girl – Cracker

Brat – Veruca Salt /Oompa Lompas (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory)

I Build This Garden For Us – Lenny Kravitz

-*Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 18 Songs from Ses circa 2006