Anything Else is really Annie Hall just recycled for the modern era. I’ll admit that Annie Hall isn’t nearly as compelling in the early aughts as it was in the 70s. Zeitgeists: how do they work?

Jerry Falk: …I was actually listening to this last night, and I thought of you.
Amanda: You were listening to Cole Porter and thought of me? You must really have a crush on me.
Jerry Falk: I do?
Amanda: I’d say it’s fatal.

David Dobel: I broke up with this girl, and they put me with a psychiatrist who said, “Why did you get so depressed, and do all those things you did?” I said, “I wanted this girl and she left me.” And he said, “Well, we have to look into that.” And I said, “There’s nothing to look into. I wanted her and she left me.” And he said, “Well, why are you feeling so intense?” And I said, “Cause I want the girl.” And he said, “What’s underneath it?” And I said, “Nothing.” He said, “I’ll have to give you medication.” I said, “I don’t want medication. I want the girl.” And he said, “We have to work this through.” So, at that point, I took a fire extinguisher from the casement and struck him across the back of his neck.

Jerry Falk: Do you love me?
Amanda: What a question. Just because I pull away when you touch me

David Dobel: The thing I’m going to miss the most is the kids. The kids are, are wonderful kids and they’re bright, you know. You should see the creative ways they smuggle weapons past the metal detectors, it’s amazing.

Amanda: Okay. Okay, I slept with Ron Keller. But I didn’t do it because I care about him.
Jerry Falk: No? What then? To punish him?
Amanda: No, I did it because I had to find out if there was something wrong with me. Because I can’t sleep with you, the person that I love. I had to know if I was some kind of freak, or frigid. I had to know if I could even get aroused anymore and have an orgasm.
Jerry Falk: And can you?
Amanda: Yeah. It’s good news. I can.

David Dobel: Let me tell you, Falk. We live in perilous times. You got to keep alert for these things. You don’t want your life to wind up as black-and-white newsreel footage scored by a cello in a minor key.