This week, Teen Wolfs executive producer and writer Jeff Davis sings the praises of what is usually a criminally-unsung position in entertainment: the productions own composer. (Really though, any soundtrack oriented position in entertainment tends to be under-appreciated, under-rated and under the house. No wait, that last under is an old PIL song; but you get the idea. Your girl in music considers it a crime cuz the score and soundtrack play such a vital role in a productions success and can absolutely make or break a series/scene/film.) One of the super-impressive elements of Teen Wolf that I most enjoy each week is how effectively music is used and intrinsically integrated into the storytelling, whether its a licensed track or original scoring. Considering how difficult and rare it is for a show to get it right every single episode, and how often and easily a shows composer is taken for granted, its incredibly refreshing to witness our fave TV exec give some well-earned public props to this pivotal production member who has turned in perfection weekly, without exception. Way to keep it classy, Jeff!

Our composer, Dino Meneghins, Teen Wolf Love Theme scored at the end of the show is utterly brilliant and would probably have to count as my favorite song in the episode.

Well, my fellow junkies in the Teen Wolf addiction, when were watching and re-watching this final episode daily until at long last Season 2 of MTVs BEST.SHOW.EVER finally arrives, lets make a point of really listening to the music at the end, and really appreciate the nuances and layers it adds to our impression of the story, wherever that story might leave us.


Id like to acknowledge and express my heartfelt thanks to Michael Norton, the man who makes things happen, for responding in the first place, and facilitating this particular magic for Music + Moxie.  5 weeks ago you delivered via email my first major professional milestone in what was then a barely launched mission to follow my passion and live the dream. You sir, go to 11? No, not 11. You go to 12: yep, you’re 2 louder.

Thank you to Dino and Laura and everyone on Teen Wolfs music team for setting a new bar for excellence in music usage in storytelling.

Finally, Id like to thank Jeff Davis once more, whose damn fine taste in music is just one more reason Im absolutely okay with the fact that clearly, hes gonna run own this town in 5 years. Jeff, I am honored by your graciousness in granting my humble little Music + Moxie your episodic Teen Wolf Soundtrack highlights, and its been a thrill for me to post them weekly! You are further proof of my theory that Jeff’s are just a bit more ridiculously awesome, brilliant, talented, and plain good peeps. Most of all thank you for developing a teen series that lacks stale cliche, doesn’t insult its audience and for ignoring the ‘TeenWolf reboot’ picketers to create a truly addictive hit and for responsibly telling a dramatic neo-noir adolescent horror with so much humor, heart and honesty we can’t help but relate and engage. Oh yeah, and thanks for making me want my MTV (again) and allowing me to write the first review I’ve ever enjoyed writing. I know all kinds of new self-satisfaction thanks to you.