Blaming Bono

Yes, my Bono-blaming merch is finally here – join the fun* and blame Bono too, I promise you won’t be disappointed. *as measured by the amusing results one gets when they google “Blame Bono” – try it yourself or see below.


For everyone else who still feels stupid and contagious, and remembers vividly when that feeling was exhilaratingly new.   Begin forwarded message: From: Nirvana To: sesaluna Date: Jun22, 2011 6:02:45 AM PDT Subject: HERE WE ARE NOW… 20th ANNIVERSARY OF NIRVANA’S “NEVERMIND” ALBUM CELEBRATED WITH A DELUXE EDITION IN SEPTEMBER Released in September of 1991, […]

Screamo? Really?

While filing last months email messages I came across the below exchange, in which I first learned of the existence of the ‘screamo’ genre… rereading the chain made me smile and got me thinking that I should really get your opinion on subgenres in music today. Two years ago, when applying to become an agent […]

music+moxie updated pages

See the list of links with titles like “Cinematic Fanatic” or “myspace blog 2007” at the top of this site? Those are inks to my pages, which is a ton of fun content (mostly my own) that for one reason or another i’m including  on music+moxie separate from my regular blog posts. New content is […]

Cinematic Fanatic

A sampling of favored snippets gifted from my inner Cinematic Fanatic to yours.  After all, who among us didn’t learn some of life’s lessons or opt to navigate our growing pains via the silver screen – i for one never got a sex talk, i got a private screening of ‘Pretty Woman’ each spring from […]

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

Yes, your band is a brand, period. No, that doesn’t mean you’ve sold out. What does it mean? It means your band exists. So then… When your fans google you or FB-post/Tweet you  or check in on 4square/FB at your show thereby prompting their friends to google you, you want to show up on page […]

Web MD: Choose Your Own Adventure

In the interest of saving time for my mom and all of the technologically-challenged masses who insist on checking WebMD for every symptom, I’ve created this handy flow-chart. If you print this out you can use it as your analog WebMD, no internet connection or computer skills, required.