One of you fine, upstanding readers sent along this link out of concern. Apparently, “Illiterate” has started making a new set of rounds with a modified ending. Quick aside: I’m so tickled any reference to that entertaining read makes you lovely peeps think of me and seek my opinion as a ‘literate girl’ SME. I’m blushing. Now then, I do have an opinion and I’ll share it, but first, lets review the work(s) in question:

Read the original buzzworthy satire by Charles Warnke here. Then, for the sake of comparison, check out the alternate ending.

YMy thoughts are about what you’d expect: bordering on outrage, but, like humorously. Is nothing sacred? Can a satire on modern misogyny not be posted anywhere on the internet without suffering an attack on its basic right to exist? Has humor been so starved and oxygen deprived that no one can grasp a clever, wry, dry joke, even when the teller is winking at them? I’d take a stab at answering some of these Very Important Questions but look, we all know that if God wanted me to think for myself, He’d have made me a man, right?