“Teen Wolf” unveils “Search for a Cure,” its all-new 6-episode web series, via an exclusive premiere of the first two chapters on AT&Ts Facebook page today, expanding to and AT&T U-verse properties tomorrow. Following these premier events, the four remaining chapters will be doled out weekly, beginning Monday, July 4th.

Each chapter of Search for a Cure” will delve deeper into the mythos and lore of the werewolf curse, serving as a companion to MTVs hit teen drama. “Teen Wolf” creator Jeff Davis wrote and directed the webisodes which he promises will reveal significant clues and even provide a few answers to mysteries and questions uncovered over the season in the TV series. Centered on the TV series stars Scott (Tyler Posey) and his best bud Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) the online–only installments will also provide Teen Wolfs fans with an early introduction to Dr. Fenris (John Posey), a new character who will debut in the TV series later this season. And yes, that is John Posey, the real–life father of series star Tyler Posey, who couldnt be prouder of, or happier for, his pops place in the cast.

The web series is presented by AT&T, the exclusive wireless sponsor of Teen Wolf and was produced on behalf of AT&T by MEC Entertainment and Generate Studios.