Diving into Radiohead’s ‘Moon Shaped Pool’

Radiohead released their achingly beautiful ninth LP, A Moon Shaped Pool today, May 8th, 2016. No doubt drawing on the disintegration of his 23 year relationship with Rachel Owen, Thom Yorke’s college sweetheart and wife, Pool is replete with moments of pure heartbreak, loneliness and emotional despair in its blunt exploration of human intimacy, a theme […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

… but the difficulty it seems, per the helpful graph below, is less of a deterrent for would-be heart-breakers from late February through mid-March and between mid-November and mid-December. It looks to me like the only real ‘safe zone’ is now, July 21st through October so enjoy it while it lasts, couples, because apparently “Spring […]

You should Date an Illiterate Girl

One of you fine, upstanding readers sent along this link out of concern. Apparently, “Illiterate” has started making a new set of rounds with a modified ending. Quick aside: I’m so tickled any reference to that entertaining read makes you lovely peeps think of me and seek my opinion as a ‘literate girl’ SME. I’m […]

A Note On Broadway & Breakups

Standard formula from stage and screen: 1. boy meets/gets girl 2. boy LOSES girl 3. boy gets girl back* *Notes for real life: a. meaning: boy ‘WINS (or earns) her affections back’, not boy ‘exacts calculated revenge on girl’. b. this step is entirely at the girl’s discretion and there is no guarantee, so do […]


Welcome seekers and finders to my little niche of the world wide interweb. Further posts will introduce and set the stage but to start i offer you the below Suggested Presuppositions for Maximum Enjoyment of This Blog: Magic exists, and it is inherent in the daily mundane (particularly mine). F = G {m2*m1/d^2}  is the […]