getting ink done

“…like God Ink…” the deflowering ink has been chosen – to be placed on the back of my neck in multicolor (think dreamcoats), uber-saturated hues. the butterflies were taken and manipulated from drawings by John Lennon (aka me in my past life) found in the reissued SKYwriting, super deluxe edition. What praytell, could be more […]

Boo Bippin’ Down The Road

Boo Bippin’ Down The Road 22 songs for Ses’ City/Desert drive, August 22, 2005 Road Trippin’ – RHCP Unidentified Asian Alt-Pop-Rock Song Wave Of Mutilation – the Pixies Ultraviolet – U2 Ana Ng – They Might Be Giants It’s A Jungle Out There – Randy Newman Dear God – XTC Isn’t It A Pity? – […]

3 Days In Rome

3 Days In Rome 15 songs circa 2000 & Oct. 2005 Betty Et Zorg – Gabriel Yared Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd Good Intentions – Lyle Lovett All Grown Up – Elvis Costello How I Wanted You – Richard Thompson I Will – Beatles Put It There – Paul McCartney Mama, You’ve Been […]

Oh, What A Beast In Me

Oh What A World – Rufus Wainright Piove (Ciao, Ciao Bambina) – Jovanotti Feel My Heat – Boogie Nights Underneath The Bunker – REM Ya Got Trouble – The Music Man San Fernando Valley – Bing Crosby Papa Gene’s Blues – The Monkees Posh! – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Little Fat Baby – Sparklehorse Saint […]

the *MLKJ-Day List (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

the *MLKJ-Day List Top Of The World – The Carpenters Discovery Channel – Bloodhound Gang Bare Necessities – Phil Harris (The Jungle Book) I’m Back – Eminem A Few Of My Favorite Things – Julie Andrews (The Sound Of Music) Come What May – Nicole Kidman,  Ewan MacGregor (Moulin Rouge) For Some Doll – Guys […]

Butterfly: a Video Playlist/Preface

The complete unfinished first season of the Butterfly series webisodes from 2006… before webisodes had lonelygirl popularity. The series ended for no reason, after being green lit for 3 web seasons, and getting DGA support at the  height of our limited popularity, with fans writing in daily requesting more content stat… i just hope the […]

Bad Romancing the Stone

Yer girl in music is just so smitten with the tequila-tinged voice of folk-rock singer-songwriter Lissie Maurus. Though her debut effort, last years Catching a Tiger, has no trouble standing on its own merit, the sizeable collection of famous fans hasn’t done her any harm either. How many up-and-coming songstresses can say Lenny Kravitz invited […]

How to Tell if Your Date is Easy by the Band Tee They Wear

If you’re a music-minded single living in the U.K. is OK Cupid meets Mog Music (or Spotify, the music streaming service EU loves that for some reason STILL isn’t avail stateside *grumble, grumble*). Its also part Playboy Magazine, as in, I have a profile on the site just so I can read their articles. […]

Social Meteor’s Top 10 Tweets: #breakuptexts

Lookit this!! Even celeb funnypeoples with a paid professional writing staff wish they were as meme-able as my off the cuff tweet when #breakuptexts was trending. I was ranked #8, but in my journalistic, and therefore 100% objective opinion, mine is clearly the runner up to @PageMoney‘s third-ranked yet obviously best take. See for yourself: […]