Lookit this!! I’m so proud, up against celebs in a ‘contest’ (for lack of a better term) i was unaware i was entering and against professional comedy writers, my off the cuff tweet (sent after the 1st time i checked twitter in ages) celebrating the hilarity of  a topic like #breakuptexts trending made #8. In my journalistic, and therefore 100% objective opinion, mine is clearly the #2 tweet and what was ranked #3 by @PageMoney (Page Money) boasts the obvious #1 tweet. The rest trail wayyyy behind… Oh well, I’m stoked nonetheless.


Ten Top Tweets: Breaking up is hard to do… by text message
March 4, 2011 By Troy Janisch

What is the worst way to break up with someone? By text message. This edition of 10 Top Tweets explores the best txt-based break-up messages. 10 Top Tweets is a weekly compilation based on a Twitter Meme — trends, activities or sayings associated with Twitter. In this case: #breakuptexts. One of the most popular Twitter Memes is Follow Friday (#ff or #followfriday), which invites all users to suggests other Twitter users to follow, each Friday.

10 Top Tweets: Breaking Up by Text Message

10. this is ‘that’ text
   -@biwotkibet (Thomas Adler)

9. You make Charlie Sheen look sane so it’s OVER

8. i’m not saying it isn’t a healthy relationship, i’m saying i can’t stand you.
@sesaluna (that’s ME)

7. my wife found out about us.
@Lilstevieyadig (Steven McKay)

6. welcome to dumpsville. population – you!
hannaho92 (Hannah O’Donnell)

5. Have I told you lately how much I am in love with you??? No?? Think about it, have a great life…
   -@MariamDainty (Mariam Dainty)

4. Dear subscriber,your account has been terminated.
   -@DannySavvy (Daniel H.D. Gunn)

3. Your mother and i are expecting your brother.
   -@PageMoney (Page Money)

2. U Unfollowed me on Twitter… now imma unfollow u in Real Life.
   -@Blaqqchyld: (Imanuel falase)

1. Facebook Friend Request was ignored
@davechappelle (Dave Chappelle)

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