Watch: Space Weird Thing

Wow, when my luck finally breaks, gang, it breaks WIDE OPEN. Ever since I joined this team, everything is coming up Ses. How else do you explain my good fortune at tripping over the release of this video on my first day on the job post-Thunderdome – I was only here 2 days before T-Dome started so […]

Pi and Prejudice

  “This is the best tradition I ever stole.” I wish I could take credit for the creation and naming of this holiday – but it was my favorite mermaid, Daphodelia, that first mentioned the tradition to me when we were girl detectives back in 2013. Even then, Pi Day was old news – for […]

ello, ello

i wonder what they say about me when i’m not here … “small, blonde {and} intellectual … and way into music”  Wow, you guys weren’t joking about the playlist love – I honestly had no idea anyone was even checking the page anymore, until I logged into the m+m inbox where your emails go and […]

Still a Novice: Masters of Sex – Season 1

So I’m finally marathoning the Masters of Sex show, after watching the pilot last fall. IDK, I think Virginia would’ve had a lot more ish to deal with from society at large being that ‘independent’ back then, particularly sexually (I mean honestly, I know plenty of women who still do, and none that don’t, even […]

Pulp: a Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets

Not quite rockumentary, never just a concert film, Pistachio Pictures Pulp film directed by Florian Habicht somehow manages to rate as one of the very best rockumentaries we’ve seen, and a whole new approach to the stale cliche that is the concert film. When Bono started floating across screens in 3D and the Stones were lazily […]

Brit-Pop Ate Itself

Oasis and Blur may mark the official beginning of Britpop with the twin classics of Definitely Maybe and Parklife, respectively, but some people — particularly, seemingly, in music-writer circles — claim Pulp’s Different Class as the genre’s pinnacle. It’s the smartest of the bunch, as intricate and sprawling as Parklife, and armed with just a […]

365 Nights In Hollywood

When I first headed West to find my fortune I arrived in LA the most LA way possible, in my car. I took the 10 from Palm Springs and exited somewhere in Westwood. I’ve lived in the Valley, Santa Monica, West LA, and Los Feliz for 3 years (Jon Hamm and Beck were neighbors) but […]

Lou Reed, Problematic Punk Icon, Dead at 71

When a famous man dies, his critics tend to evaporate (at least temporarily). The type of person who disparages the newly dead always comes across like an opportunistic coward, and every postmortem potshot inevitably has the opposite effect. When a famous man dies, you don’t mention the qualities that made him a problem. There is […]

YouTube Playlist Collection

Covered Up: you’ll recognize the covers of these songs before the original versions. Over half were covered by Nirvana, because 1) I’m lazy; & 2) Nirvana had really good taste in music.   Bones: Dance Dance Dance   sometimes we need no sleep: Defy slumber nightly.   the moon: A moonbathing mix for the nocturnally […]

Getting Here + There + Everywhere Between: the Road Trip Mix

A couple years ago, as spring was breaking across 2011, Your Girl in Music left her well-paying Agency gig as Bossman’s secret weapon behind and transformed her anonymous blog into an online music mag, reinventing herself as a publisher in the process, and increasing the site’s content output exponentially overnight. Suddenly I was cranking out […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Coni Duchess of Capsula

Your Girl In Music had the grand pleasure of catching up with Coni Duchess of psych-glam-punk sensation Capsula after their spectacular sonic triumph at West Hollywood’s Troubadour this month. What have you learned after 5 years together? How has the band evolved? Martin and I have been together for more than five years, so we […]

Review: Capsula with Os Mutantes at the Troubadour – May 2, 2013

As Your Girl In Music is as much a product of David Bowie’s 80’s cinematic triumph that is Labyrinth as she is the lace-and-leather rock scene that ran rampant in that same era, her curiosity was piqued at the unexpected but more than welcome discovery of the Spain-by-way-of-the-Argentine trio Capsula. At first glance and listen, […]

Show Preview: Capsula at the Troubadour, May 2nd

      Capsula – “Ziggy Stardust Teaser”   Meet Capsula, just your average rock band hailing form Buenos Aires, Argentina. Equal parts 1960s South American psychedelic rock and garage rock, Capsula started in Argentina in the late 90’s and, following some European touring, in 2001 permanently relocated to Bilbao, Spain. Their mix of raw […]

Kickstand (1994)

My ears first found Kickstand (the band) during my last year of junior high, and never got over it. We’ve (me + my ears) scoured the interwebs for the groups complete discography ever since, and while I’ve stumbled across a couple stray tracks hosted hither or tither, no reissue was found, no full albums discovered. […]

Show Preview: LA Font at the Outpost February 9

Faithful Reader, as you are no doubt aware after all this time, Your Girl In Music holds a special, exalted place in her heart for LA Font, LA’s own garage-rock-glorious lo-fi superstars. There is something so appealing about their earnest yet ambivalent wail, those seething, soul-clutching strings or maybe its the danceable beats backbone that […]

5 Fast Questions: The Diamond Light

Regulars on Angel City’s vibrant and varied music scene are no doubt well-aware of our own Rock-N-Soul standouts, The Diamond Light. The foursome has been tearing up the stages from Silverlake to West Hollywood in the last couple months and just debuted their song “Dusty Walls” on MTV’s ‘Catfish’. Your girl in music caught up […]

Atlas Genius Touring with Local Legends Silversun Pickups

The much hyped Oz indie outfit Atlas Genius will join Angel City’s own Silversun Pickups on an epic North American fall tour. The run kicks off on September 4th and will include a stop at our own Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, CA on September 13. In preparation for the stint with Silversun […]

WHY? Rocks the Echoplex tonight

WHY? returns with two new releases following nearly 3 years of silence: the six track Sod in the Seed EP dropped two weeks ago today, and a new LP Mumps, Etc. is due out Oct. 8/9. The trio heads out on a national tour with Anticon labelmates Serengeti, Doseone, Jel, Sodapop, and others. Listen to […]

Kirk House Brought Sexy Back to On The Rox

West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip has long tradition as a legendary scene in Rock and Roll history. From the House of Blues to the Whiskey A Go Go, the Viper Room to the Roxy, the musically inclined, young and old, hip and square, crowd into clubs, spilling out onto the streets and drink the noise kool-aid. […]

New Music Spotlight: Mariee Sioux

Few albums embody the folksy, ethereal essence of a golden state songstress so well as Gift for the End, the sophomore offering from California’s own Mariee Sioux. Recorded in the summer of 2011 at Placerville’s Moonsoon Studios and Nevada City’s Sun Dial studios, the new song-cycle breathes as easily and resonates as warmly as 2007’s […]

i <3 Nouela's New Noise

Your Girl In Music cannot get over the new noise echoing in her ear drums. The culprit? Nouela, the half-Korean, half-Norwegian spirited songstress ‘from’ Seattle (by way of Korea) who is poised to finally revolutionize Indie Girl Rock in the early 2010′s. This is no case of hyperbole or exaggeration. Listen for yourself, feel that […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: David Johnson

Of all the accidental musical discoveries that have graced the ears of Your Girl In Music over the last six months, few have embodied the spirit of serendipity so well as that of David Johnson and his album Eights and Aces. We took some time to sit down with the young singer-songwriter and discuss what […]

50 Shades of Something

Okay, friends. It’s time to talk mommy porn (Mom, I’m sorry for using that phrase, but I promise I didn’t make it up). In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, allow me to explain: There’s a book called Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s written by a British woman […]

Review: The Hang at Genghis Cohen – 04.13.2012

Some 150 miles away, in the desert, many an Angeleno’s teeth chattered on the soggy polo grounds during the Black Keys headlining set at opening day of the 2012 Coachella Music & Arts Festival, weekend one. Back here in LA however, those of us still in the empty and rain-washed city crowded into the intimate […]