Sep 9, 2007
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Listening to: Everyone Says I Love You (Soundtrack)

So i loved peanuts as a child- still do actually- and remember fondly reading the books (original editions) at my Grandparent’s farm in Iowa every summer, and my mom’s classroom walls, every fall, covered with scenes from the comic strip she’d drawn and colored at 50x scale over the summer…. (in fact, my Mom was SO GOOD at drawing the Peanuts menagerie that as a kid I believed she was the actual illustrator). Even now, i still pay homage to the peanuts gang regularly in my day to day life.

I relate to snoopy most of all, & see myself, easily, sitting atop some little, well, playhouse in my case, with an old-school typewriter hitting the keys furiously lost in my ideas & our creation… Snoopy, for those familiar with the myers-briggs kiersy personality types, is a classic NF, or intuitive-feeling, temperament, as am I. I was called “Lucy” by the husband of my mothers best friend when I was a little girl, I never knew why but I do so love, and totally can see myself, as a child, having not a lemonade stand but a “Psychiatric Help: 5c” stand replete with “the Dr. is in” sign and all….  *** NOTE! M: this is what you should do- forget research, forget clinical- just go Psych Help: Roadside Lemonade Stand style! ;P ***  I never made any boy slam his piano and holler “I’m NOT your sweet babboo!” but i did seem to emphatically state this to a few boys myself… and finally every year, at halloween, not only do i force my dear darling sweet babboo for life to dress with me for the holiday- (Last year, UltraMan Science Patrol, this year I’m Yoko and He’s John on the Dick Cavett Show – Brian doesn’t know it but he’s Dick Cavett, unless someone else volunteers) but i then force him to go to a random pumpkin patch with me and wait up for the Great Pumpkin. Who, of course, never shows… did i mention at the end we always have to shout in outrage one of Linus’ frustrated exclamations? Does anyone here even know the reference to Great Pumpkin???

At any rate he always partakes (& enthusiastically at that!) in all of my ~insane~ & ~inane~ date ideas! No complaints, no rolls of the eye, no “OMG whats wrong with my girl?” looks or gesticulations or mutters or txts to friends. he even takes pix for me and makes them into slideshow screensavers and album artwork for cds and dvds he builds me, sends them to our friends and family. Needless to say, I am impressed, and very much spledidly contented with him. (Splendidly – its a word b/c i SAID so, thats why!) This man is the laughter in my heart, the bubbles in my thoughts, the skip in my heartbeat, the breathlessness in my tum, the fearlessness in my soul and he is my utter&absolute DELIGHT. I feel more buoyant because of him everyday. Every * Single * Day!

So what I wish, right now, (& i am So Full of Wish, says Kel, i am, swears she, the EPITOME of Wish!) is to say this to him, my sweetheart, that yes, i AM your sweet babboo! and you can tell everyone i said so! So there! Humph.

Love and Rockets!

PS – story behind the soundtrack i am listening to: he used me in a camera test once in 2004; i walk up and down the street by our house, no makeup, saturday clothes, whatever, but he loves this test, so he set it to Alan Alda’s “Looking at You” from this film/soundtrack and made it the opening on his birthday disc o love last year. I have to boast cause hes just THAT wonderful, how precisioso is THAT? mmmm.
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