Mar 16, 2007

i honor the divine in you
my soul sees your soul and they agree

so hey yes i do judo when they surround me, a little mental yoga makes them disappear…
i was just relishing today how much has changed since my birthday- my finallly writing my book (sorry no hints- peeking is not allowed), the Butterfly series- well that started just before my birthday, but close enough, my job, my school, my car and my health- no more tumors, no more cancers, no more dr’s ominous frowns of concentration, and i am starting finally to re-emerge in the world and be social again. i never imagined that a transition of such drastic change could happen so rapidly and so seamlessly. I so look forward to the mundane from mundo meaning world meaning i look forward now to my daily world. Even the dull stuff has meaning everyone. I drive to work in traffic but now i enjoy*! b/c it is what gets me to work where I get to make a difference to people, practice certain talents and learn something more, every day. I am so blessed and so fortunate, no matter what, and so are you… i wish for each of you to find pleasure in the mundane- to be where you are supposed to be, and to love. love love love, and namaste…

12:13 AM