Nov 23, 2007
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Yes, you read me right, “Thanksgins!”

So i spent Thanksgiving having the most fun ever going on all the best rides at the ORIGINAL HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH: Disneyland. My Thanksgiving Lunch and Dinner were grabbed on Main Street. The drive was AWESOME with NO TRAFFIC and the lines (thanks in part to Disney’s new fastpass system) were basically nil… this was by far my mom’s best idea EVER, in my life so far anyways.

Some observations: I FINALLY got to go through the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion – My parents and i all comfortably fit in one coach which prompted my mom to comment on how we all must’ve been telling the truth about how much we work out ;P … then several minutes into the ride my Dad got that it was a Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion and said “HEY…. THIS IS LIKE THAT MOVIE….” Ah, Dad…

On Tom Sawyers Island the first Male employee started flirting with me, i failed to notice, it was my fault, i made an obscure reference that he picked up on.

Tom Sawyer’s Island, by the way, is now The Pirates Lair or some such nonsense. One of the signposts in the French Quarter still reads Tom Sawyer’s though.

On Tom Sawyers Island My parents and I called Paolo – poor Paolo is still laboring away on KOA (a modern Tom Sawyer) in TX. We wished him good turkey and alchy – he was drinking when we got him.

I got hit on again on the train and at Small World, totally missed both. My Dad slept on small world.

Swiss Family Tree-house is now Tarzan’s Tree-house. My Dad wondered where the Michael Jackson movie was. He referred to features from when Jeff and I were little in the mid to late 80’s. The staff was bewildered. What’s with all the changes – its not my childhood Disney anymore?

Space Mountain was where I finally noticed the Male staff were attempting to pick me up. It was pretty funny when I finally got it- my MOMs had to ask me what was wrong with me- thats how i know i am hopelessly clueless.

On spaceman spiffs (i dont know who- the futurey animated hero – spiff is a Calvin and Hobbes ref- someone help me out- oh! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR’s – THATS IT) new family-ish ride we all shot laser targets with guns, again in the same coach (what good exercisers we Lowman’s are), and got souvenir action photos at the end. In our photo, which we emailed to Jeff who’s still in school in Boston, i am shooting and the gun perfectly blocks my face. Otherwise, it was a very becoming pic for everyone involved. Then we all called Jeffy. I miss my brother tons, can’t wait to see him at Christmas!

Thats my Disney report. We saw the parade as well, which had the only tear-jerker moment- it seems the Enchanted Princesses dress in the coach was rather Princess Di and my mom was fehklempt momentarily. Otherwise I got great cell phone footage of the parade and the TIKI ROOM!!!!

(one day i will have a cocktail in that room and really enjoy the show)

any regrets: I didn’t go on Dumbo with my Dad for the first time since ever….

What a truly Happy Thanksgiving it was, and I am SO THANKFUL FOR IT.
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