It’s tough to have fun these days.  Unemployment’s up and the economy’s got everybody down. True story: as I was skipping along the other day, some show-off toddler skipped past me and blurted, “Biggest plunge in the GDP in 26 years, can you believe it?” But I always have faith in the determination of San Francisco’s Popscene to pack a mean punch on a Thursday night.

There’s something about a trolleyload of 18-23 year olds dancing to Arcade Fire and The Rapture that really inspires the more jaded 24-28 year old scene to momentarily forget the haunting mistakes they’ve made since earning that debt-laden college degree, as well as the anemic state of our stock exchanges, and just daaaance the night away!!!

2009 - mae-shi.jpgYGIM was there for agency client coverage and once again used her all access credentials to create multimedia portraits of her fave acts from the fest and once again the objects of her ears affection responded with feverish intensity.  Even the bouncers wanted in on the action, as did one of her fave LA bands, The Mae Shi, a sugar-coated punk pop outfit that had the entire fest dancing, smiling and looking around in confusion all at the same time.  Take that, recession!! BAMMM!!!