this is by far the most amazingly beautiful and sacred artwork i have ever seen using the body for ones canvas. it makes me think of beatrix potter or something similarly wonderful and smileful and sparkly and cozy from childhood. it even makes me want to get the same ink on me, but considering its […]

Lolla turns 20!

Hi, my name is sesaluna and as i’ve previously mentioned i am a music-festival addict…. this should be read from the bottom up 

Light’s Out! Show’s On!

I sat in on Lluther’s first rehearsal on US soil two nights ago and instantly knew i’ve become part of something huge.  What I heard in the small, rented space at Hollywood’s Swinghouse Studios was enormous. And while I filmed the band, sitting right at the center and in the thick of their contagious, energetic […]

‘Chella Line Up chains

your girl in music is a self-identified Festival Junkie, & as spring begins, signaling the start of 5 months of the heavy festival season, more and more email chains begin to resemble the below. Begin forwarded message:

Blackberry Contact Deets

Recently my work blackberry started displaying titles with names on txts and emails. Don’t know why it did but i love it cuz I totally smile whenever CK and I correspond on this damn device now: it’s just so ridiculously fun, and always a little bit surprising, to see “The Boy Bestie CK” in the […]

Sheenis Envy

Part of the Song a Day project: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSsWr_YMzgU] Jonathan Mann — “The Charlie Sheen Quotes Song” What: Singer/songwriter Jonathan Mann goes Jon Brion and creates a jangly and highly entertaining guitar pop tune solely from Charlie Sheen quotes. Bonus Points for writing a song more melodic and catchy than 95% of this genre. No points […]

Circular Storytelling

The Story Circle changed the whole game for me. To unclicheing Our Hero’s journey.

All in the Family

To help you keep track, courtesy the Federal Bureau of Investigation: The Corleone ‘Family’ Tree    

Creative DO’s

Pro-tips for all the creatives reading this. I like that, except item #2, all statements are positives, i.e. they begin with an empowering action or a “do”instead of a negative restriction, or “don’t” … A subtle difference, with a profound impact.


Exceeding expectations always makes my heart smile. I save every gratitude. From: Music Assistant To: Ses Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 10:42 AM Subject: RE: MUSICIAN You are awesome.