I sat in on Lluther’s first rehearsal on US soil two nights ago and instantly knew i’ve become part of something huge.  What I heard in the small, rented space at Hollywood’s Swinghouse Studios was enormous. And while I filmed the band, sitting right at the center and in the thick of their contagious, energetic noise, I felt a forgotten but once-familiar combination of adrenaline and exhilaration wash over me – the same potent concoction i had felt nearly two decades ago upon listening to Nirvana’s Bleach for the first time as a little kid: I wanted to take on the world, no-holds-barred, right then and there; i wanted to scream and dance – violent ballerina style, to jump on my bed relentlessly, and do some other pretty bad-girl things along the way, just because i could or perhaps because that was how much freedom i was suddenly aware was bursting inside me. All of which is EXACTLY what rock & roll is supposed to do to us, right? Or as my friend DG put it while trying to win my post-concert attention/favor via posting on my facebook wall one night: “Yes that’s how f***in’ Rock n Roll should make me feel: a little too powerful/sexy for my own good.”

Lluther steps up and provides the ‘meat-and-potatoes’ /legit RAWK that’s been SORELY missing from today’s music scene for so long that “Rock is Dead” is not just cliche, it’s a taken for granted assumption before the music ever starts. Newsflash dearies: Rock is not dead, Rock was dead. Enter Lluther. Why, whaddaya know? Rock (& Roll) is Resurrected. Thx, lads.

-ses xo
(yr gurl in musica)

Lluther: King of Nothing clip (Swinghouse rehearsal)

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  1. Rock and Roll returned to the Sunset Strip on Saturday night. Lluther rocked the Viper Room with a sound that reminded me of early Guns n Roses when every bit of music wasn’t being marketed to 13 year old girls. Rock & Rolls reclaimed it’s balls Saturday night. Glad I was there to see it and hear it.

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