Your Girl in Music, in her typical benevolent fashion, with an exclusive ticket giveaway. You’re welcome, LA.

This time, thanks to some seriously righteous friends in music’s high places, you could win two tickets to see art rock gods TV on the Radio at the Hollywood Bowl in what I’m officially calling the most epic concert of its 2011 season.

Filling out the one-night-only bill are the rowdy UK indie-rawkers Arctic Monkeys, plus Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox from Animal Collective) join Sonic Boom for his only West Coast show; LA’s Warpaint will intrigue with dark folk jams, and lo-fi whipper-snappers Smith Westerns open this impressive lineup.

To enter, you’ll need complete this TV on the Radio email opt-in entry form* by 12:01 am Thursday 9/22. At 12:02 am, one winner will be selected at random by computers /an algorithm in a secret laboratory somewhere in this universe (i think) and announced later that same day.

Don’t want to risk getting tickets to chance? We don’t blame you. You can buy tickets now at Ticketmaster. You can also check out the video for TV on the Radio’s ‘Second Song’ below, or buy their latest album, ‘Nine Types‘ of Light on iTunes.


* Yes, opt-in means you’re subscribing to an email list, in this case for TV on the Radio, and thus will receive updates about the band periodically. In my opinion, getting updates emailed to me on the latest haps from a profoundly epic band like TV on the Radio, masterful maestros of the genre-defying arts, is a pretty righteous thx 4 playing consolation prize. But that’s just me and i’m a notorious positive peach/ stubborn optimist. Oh, also, you can always unsubs whenever you wanna.