As part of the continued celebration of indie’s 20th birthday (1 more year till we can take indie to a bar, gang!!) Nevermind will be performed live, in its entirety, at the EMP Museum on September 20th by a litany of notable Seattle bands, including one of my faves, the Prexys of the USA (peaches! kitty! yay!!), Krist, and fmr Screaming Trees member (who we all recall was the only other band, besides Nirvana, that one male mourner on MTV news listened to at the time of Kurt’s passing).

The event is being livestreamed to benefit the beloved Seattle music-scene godmother Susie Tennant and her family as she receives treatment for ovarian cancer. If you’d like to watch the concert or donate to the cause I’ve included relevant deets below. I will be there for a panel with the ‘foremost authority on Seattle’s grunge scene’ and curator/DJ of Slacker Radio’s Grunge: 20 Years Later station, Marco Collins. YGiM is super stoked to hear his thoughts on exactly how the grunge zeitgeist came to be, and share her own, etc.

If anyone has any wardrobe suggestions for my trip (like: should I bring leggings if I’m mostly packing dresses/skirts? Converse or Docs? etc.) or advice on whether its appropriate for me to greet any members of the Presidents of the United States of America I run into (probably literally) backstage with “kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty; TOUCH-IT!*“, please comment, tweet at or send me an old-school email. I love crowd-sourcing my life choices. *I’m definitely doing this, no stopping me, but I still want your honest opinion.


Nevermind Concert at EMP Museum Broadcast Live
September 20 at 10:00 pm PT

SEATTLE- EMP Museum in partnership with Universal Music and Livestream are pleased to announce a live broadcast of Nevermind Live at EMP Museum, a benefit concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nirvanas epic album Nevermind. Fans worldwide are invited to experience Nevermind with a lineup that features Seattle bands from the grunge era and today.

The livestream will take place Tuesday, September 20 at 10:00 pm PT/ September 21 1:00 am ET on facebook and on

Nevermind Live in Sky Church will feature performances by The Presidents of the United States of America, Krist Novoselic, The Fastbacks, Vaporland, Duff McKagans Loaded, The Long Winters, Visqueen, Valis (former Screaming Trees), Campfire OK, Champagne Champagne, Ravenna Woods, Crypts, TacocaT, Vendetta Red, and more.

After Nevermind, there will be a special encore set of Nirvana songs played by artists including Young Fresh Fellows, Pigeonhed, Cobirds Unite, The Tripwires, Shelby Earl, Stag, SEACATS, Cali Giraffes, and Tom Price Desert Classic.

This show is a benefit for longtime Seattle music industry maven Susie Tennant, recently diagnosed with cancer. Funds raised go toward medical expenses and family support throughout Susie’s extended cancer treatment.


Donations for Susie Tennant may also be made directly online at or send your donation by snail-mail to:

Susie Tennant Fund
c/o Wells Fargo
13273 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133


PS: Not that I don’t love it, but was there this much hullabaloo over Pearl Jams TEN turning 20 a few weeks ago? Just curious.

PPS: Can I wear my Nirvana tee to this concert since its technically other bands performing their breakthrough, generation-defining album?