Below is the email I sent to the D’s agent during the Tenacious D Haiti benefit @ the Wiltern last month to invoke rock magic & get my song played. It was the last song of the set. JB introduced it with “One for the ladies. At the behest of the ladies.” Since i know the recipient didn’t even see my note until the next morning, I choose to believe I wished the songs play into happening.

Also, I was super-relieved I didn’t go with a guy who might think it was a date given that I was screaming the real title (F*** Her Gently) at the top of my lungs during their entire set.

—–Original Message—–
From: Ses
Sent: Tue, Feb 02, 2010 10:57 PM
To: Music Agent
Subject: The D

I finally got into one of their shows!!! The most self-control I ever had to practice was not telling KG that “I love satan and clogging too!” when I held the elevator for him last year.

I know this request is beyond your control, especially mid-set, but if they played “Love” Her Gently (that’s what I call it on my itunes in case my mom peruses the titles) it would so make up for the ticket-request hell I’ve been in since the last summer tour season.