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From: Ses  To: CK
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:50 AM
Subject: Temper Trap last night

Well, they’re still awesome!!! Endless was good too. Are you going to Broken Bells this Sunday? I am so excited i can hardly spit… not that i’ve tried to and failed, its an expression (i think – i say it, anyway).

We NEED to win Sunday. srsly. We are SUPPOSED to win OT games too, btw, did the guys forget? Are the noobs unaware? I might need to explain. You’re welcome to provide the visual aids if you feel so inclined.

From: CK  To: Ses
Sent: Th, 11:55 AM

Just have a little chat with Stoll that if you are the forward in OT, you won’t have anyone back checking… He was trying to make a play, but didn’t quite make it. Just a bad mistake that cost us the game. It happens, it just can’t happen in the playoffs.

I didn’t see Temper, I was sleeping. Needed one night this week to rest. Glad to hear it was good, and happy for those guys.

Quick is back in LA, wont play tomorrow, his wife is having a baby. Probably will play on Sunday. We never beat Nashville, but now is a good time to start.

From: Ses  To: CK
Sent: Thursday, 12:20 PM

After my former roomie was banging that one player (anaheim duck no less – ewww) semi-regularly, I no longer want to know stuff about the guys personal lives, ever. I had to tell her he had a girlfriend, which I learned while he was harassing me over a concert tix request, (she volunteered me as a source) a practice that hasn’t stopped, even though I never fill them for him.

re: Nashville – dont jinx us! Now is when we need to start, fosho.
Now, now, now, now, now. Now.

From: CK  To: Ses
Sent: Th, 12:23 PM

Ok go back… I won’t bring it up again, but I want the details on 1) your roommate (and how she met a duck), and 2) who on the ducks she was sleeping with…

From: Ses To: CK
Sent: Th, 1:17 PM

2. HE still has the gf, so I don’t want to talk trash on a specific person, even if it’s well earned.

1. What deets do you want on  ex-roomie? Remember I said ex-roomie and I used to go to games but she went for the players and I went for the violence/fast action (pun intended)(btw this is why I’m still learning how my fave sport works, she was just looking for players to hook up with when we’d go).  Well that’s her. We both met him at Coachella. I walked away 2 seconds into the convo saying, “Oh, so just on a make-believe team? Yeah, I’m gonna go catch Rollins spoken word action.” Who wants to talk to a duck?

You can bring it up again, I just don’t need to know things like Quick is married, or that his wife is having a baby (I assume his) although that’s pretty awesome for them both, and I am kinda glad that the last piece of personal info I did learn on a player was something positive. Maybe I can hear personal stuff sometimes. Maybe what I really want is just to not have roomies fucking NHL players while on crazy amts of drugs I can’t even pronounce or spell correctly in the room next to mine on a school night. hmmm. I’ll figure it out later and let you know.

From: CK  To: Ses
Sent: Th, 2:08 PM

I’ll leave the personal lives of the Kings out of this. But how about you give me the initials of this said player. Or even the first initial. I won’t mention it… Hockey players are sleazes, just like any other sport, but are humble enough in interviews that they don’t get a bad rap like football or basketball.

Proud of you for walking away. I hung out with Joffrey Lupul once, friend of a friend, but had to bite my tongue.

From: Ses  To: CK
Sent: Th, 2:39 PM

Joff wasn’t a duck until recently. Ex-Roomie knows him too, I tried to help him buy for Phoenix @ Wiltern. I didn’t have a specific prob with the flyers then and I generally like east coast cities, so I see no reason to have walked away unless you mean you hung with him after he’d played his first game in feathers.  Even then, Joff is similar to Jeff, which is my brother’s name, so that makes it kinda ok, my brother is srsly super AWESOME.

initials(ish):  J_

I am sure they are all sleazy, they can get laid en masse for no reason (& a good one at that). I would hang out with other teams occasionally and be civil, but not with someone from a faux team, specifically not the Ducks. And when I say civil, that is excluding an exception where I get to tell them they play like a little girl in a dress, using expletives for every other word.

From: CK  To: Ses
Sent: Th, 2:42 PM

Joff wasn’t a duck at the time. Thankfully.

How does one go about meeting players? What was her secret for meeting and bedding?

From: Ses  To: CK
Sent: Th, 3:00 PM

How to  meet:  VIP Coachella or any fest/event (for us anyways) or just show up at their parties. After games, she would get on her phone and we’d go to wherever they were partying, not sure how she’d find out. I generally didn’t stay once she found her ride home. The key to meeting them though is to recognize them, and have no filter or shyness … and a low, low barrier to entry.

Her secret for bedding? Are you kidding? Really? She strikes up a convo by offering to fuck. It’s not much of a secret, anyone willing to ouvre les jambs w/o any qualification or condition could do the same. You xy’s are an overly simple breed.

She has a thing for hockey players and firemen. I asked once: Pro player & volunteer firefighter or pro fireman & pickup game player, which would she hit first? She couldn’t decide and told me she loved me for thinking of the question.

From: CK  To: Ses
Sent: Th, 3:03 PM

Pro player and volunteer fireman. No doubt…
The potential for a pick up game player to be hideous is high. But a volunteer fireman still has to be in decent shape.

Great question.

From: Ses  To: CK
Sent: Th, 3:21 PM

OMG You answered that fast! i wasnt actually ever expecting a dude to answer Please tell me you haven’t become gay because I keep asking you to fix the rest of your gender! That’s why I started the blog – to disseminate the info myself and not trouble you anymore. In the interest of our friendship, esp cuz you’re the least LA of all my LA friends (meaning you are so not LA at all). Which is why you are mentioned in it, when I post on why I started it. I was gonna call it anatomy of a break-up b/c my initial posts (see below example from today) are tips for exes who go off the deep like voldy (yes voldemort the ex fiance you know) but then I realized I had a lot more to write about then just my ridiculous observations re interaction between the sexes so I went with the name music & moxie instead. It’s about everything. also nothing. so its perfect, see? (coming soon)

A Note On Broadway & Breakups” [click title to view post]

PS – for the curious readers, no, CK has not gone gay.  & he is available and on the market. So, Single Ladies: he’s a MAJOR catch, but full disclosure: his legs are kinda skinny. I’m happy to pre-screen you if you’d like to apply to be his super awesome girl, FYI. Email me, comment here, whatevs, just be sure you’re actually super-awesome, cuz i will know. xoxo,ses