Tonight, via text, email & voice mail i learned something new: that if he did it to you, he will eagerly (try to) do it with you. I never imagined the ‘if he does it with you, he’ll do it to you’ rule had a corollary, though i’m not all that surprised.

So now i guess i am supposed wonder: A. Why wasn’t i enough before? B. Why isn’t she now? C. Why am i now? D. Why would i be the solution to her supposed deficit? But i don’t wonder any of this. What i am curious to know is: Does he really think I’d do to someone else what caused me grief & embarrassment and briefly stripped my ego to nothing? As if.

The mad scientist in me almost wants to start testing varianbles and designing experiments to explore this further, but is too bored by the subject of cheating exes to really make the effort.